There are few publicity companies that set their focus on the unmistakable correlation between fashion and entertainment. With the intention of spotlighting what makes each client unique, ERA Apparel and Music Group has the rare, customized ability to bring out the distinct personality of clothing lines, musical artists, and other design companies through a vast quantity of services, all through one company.
Although ERA first began in 2008 as the “G2” sneaker line, they never anticipated that their small company would receive such an overwhelming response of inquiries from diverse potential clients. After strong market research, G2 discovered that an increasingly large number of fashion designers worldwide wanted to start and run their own clothing lines. Equally as prevalent was the quantity of incredibly talented artists across the world in search of a base for their music and production needs. Today, G2 has evolved into ERA Apparel and Music Group, and has become one of the most innovative small companies in the world, guiding both designers and musicians with their careers.

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