Martinez FX, Self-Titled

Are you ready for a wild dance record for 2010 & beyond?   If you answered yes, then Martinez FX is your guy.   Techno & electro are displayed in flying colors on this new album.   You’re also getting doses of alternative, electro-rock and shoegaze.   Overall, Martinez FX has put together groupings of sound that are both hip and out there.

The alternative comes in play due in part to FX’s trippy rock vocal style.   This artist also exhibits some dark layers within his tone as he sings.   The whole vocal performance is a bit mysterious-sounding as he introduces to you his own brand of out-of-the-ordinary singing.   It’s stated perfectly on track four, “Dos Espadas”, where a digital voice over emphasizes the fact that this is a “full spectrum of the bizarre”.   Additionally, FX spent years in Barcelona and Miami where he was able to pick up on the Spanish cultures first hand.   In turn, he has incorporated those experiences into his own music where some of the song titles and lyrics are written in the Spanish language.   Martinez FX is definitely crossing musical boundaries as he attempts to revolutionize dance music.

Martinez FX “Heathens” MP3:


One aspect that I absolutely loved the most about this record was simply the use of audio.   You experience off-the-hook electronic effects that will just blow your mind & ears!   I’d like to refer to this album as an explosion of sound on wax.   I’m picking up on monster bass, cool beats that are mixed nicely and solid drum beat effects.   I would call this entire CD industrialized dance music that has a new age appeal.   You’re getting an all-out digitally-enhanced assault of sound coming from writer, producer & performer, Martinez FX.   The multi-dimensional artist says it best during track seven, “The Experience”, when he stresses that this is an “electronic revolution I created in my head”.  

In the end, I feel this is a record and a musician that people will either love or will hate.   One might think that this style of music is genius and/or innovative while someone else might figure that this whole idea & approach is too weird for words and/or listen.   Either way, Martinez FX is making a bold & loud statement with this album and I give him props for following through with his vision.   Artistically & musically, this disc has a ton to offer but from a vocal standpoint I, myself, was not fully in tune with FX.   The skills are there and the talent is evident, so I expect Martinez FX to make a big name for himself in this music business.   For more on this electro dance craze phenomenon, SKOPE out  

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[Rating: 3/5]

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