Anchored by a lifetime of songcraft and production know-how, synthesizer-pioneer Gary Wright will release CONNECTED on June 8th, his first pop-rock album in over 20 years. This bold new album is an inspirational journey that instills Wright’s self-realized world-unifying vision with the magical transcendence of his all-time classic hits “Dream Weaver” and “Love Is Alive” and a masterful reminder of Gary’s innate ability to forge a sublime musical connection with the inner human desire that engages one to move, to groove, to clap one’s hands and to sing along.

With musical gifts interlaced in uplifting joy, Wright wrapped it up with the album’s title, “I named the album Connected because I believe we are all connected with one another and that our thoughts and actions have a great influence on our planet collectively. We, therefore, all need to work together in making this world a better place by manifesting more hope and more positive thinking wherever we go as well as doing our parts in creating peace and spreading it wherever we see darkness.”

‘Connected’ 4-Song Streaming Player:

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