This week we are covering a situation that a musician we have covered in the past has gone through. You may recall us having Eye’z here in the past. Eye’z was raped a few years back which subsequently put her music career on hold. After years of pain & struggle E’yez has reemerged and is breaking her silence. We do not know why terrible things happen to good people but we are encourgaed that Eye’z wants to speak out for herself and others who endure similar tragedy. We are not here to pass judgement or offer justice but if we can reach one reader and help offer hope, then it is worth it.

Skope: Where are we talking from and what are you up to today?

Eye’z: I am talking from my computer of silence that will be broken from the light of my diamond.

Skope: What have you been working on musically recently?

Eye’z: My song: “Damaged.” It’s how I’m feeling coming out of my shock state. I’m not shocked any more, I’m “Damaged.”
Skope: Why did you choose now to really let the public know what you went through?

Eye’z: Becuse I wasn’t ready. I was still healing, I was still trying to figure out what happened. Where did my life go? How come I don’t have any shows? Why is my career in the mud? I started realizing each day what happened so I finally started to come out to the industry. I noticed I started acting funny towards other people in the biz. I had to explain why. I owe that much to my fans. Even though they aren’t industry peeps. People around me effect my fans.
Skope: How much of that experience would you like readers to know about?
Eye’z: They need to know it’s not your fault if this happened to you. The officers who did this to me did it because they wanted to do it. It wasn’t just me, I am just one of their many victims. I’m not the only one. and neither are you your not by yourself. I know you don’t want to hear it because your sitting by yourself reading this. But you are not alone. This happened to you because THEY did it NOT YOU.

Skope: Do you feel that justice has been served and what kind of legal drama have you had to endure?

Eye’z: Absolutely not. I am learning so much about the legal system. I realize that justice can be served. But no one is on your side. However I am finally working with the proper legal team at this time. Which did not come about over night. it took over a year.

Skope: How did that situation change you as a person and also as a musician?
Eye’z: I’m bitter. I definitely have changed in a bad way. It is against my religion to hate people and I have never hated anyone or anything as much as I hate Officer V. and Officer M.   I’ve had such hateful thoughts. It’s so sad because the one thing about me I’ve never had trouble in was in my religion. My religion is so much my love. My religion was torn from me when this happened. I mean I had faith that it wasn’t what it seemed. But how can you? Your getting beat in front of the whole world raped and laughed at. I mean I know I’m supposed to be strong, but how can I?   Why would my god do this to me? Especially on the day I was supposed to finish my album? I just cant believe it. But now here I am a year later no longer happy and pure (by my religious standards) I haven’t broken any of my religious codes except for hating the officers so much. But still i have thoughts of going against my religion and that’s bad enough because I don’t like to think like that. I love my religion and I enjoy living by it. It has changed me as a musician because I sing heavier now. Louder and stronger.

Skope: What can we do as people to fight back against the people who commit these crimes?

Eye’z: Complain to the Citizen Review Board. Take your time to adjust to what happened in your own way. But after 30 days plz file a complaint about these officers to the Citizens Police Review Board. If there is not one demand that your local mayor make one. the police internal affairs you can also complain but I would not recommend taking it seriously. After all they are there to protect themselves and if you are being arrested and it occured then, as soon as you get to jail request a rape kit immediately.

Skope: What can other women learn from what you have gone through?

Eye’z: Just learn that you can get justice you can fight back. I fight back with my music and fame. You can fight back with WHATEVER it is that you have. If you are a preschool teacher, you CAN fight back WITH THAT! And that’s for men too! Don’t think just because you are a man you have to stay silent because you are supposed to be strong. Women are expected to be strong too but in a different way. Like not talking about it and just believing we caused it to ourselves.

Skope: What has helped you come to peace with what happened to you?

Eye’z: I’m not really at peace, but I do believe in God. Higher Powers of the sorts as well as supernatural. God was there when it happened and this I know. The cops even laughed while I was praying and turned their heads in shame. I know that god has a plan for them. But as for me, fighting back through music, fame and trying to be a good example is just my way of fighting back. Its not easy because you go from counseling to counseling, pill after pill. Song after song law firm after law firm. No after no. When your flat broke its even worse because you got stress after stress, I gotta feed my pets. I gotta get my mom off my back. Man, my whole life disappeared before my eyes. why?

Skope: Can we expect a song about this experience and will that be a slow or fast tempo track?

Eye’z: Yes! The first track I wrote about it is, slow mid tempo.   I have not finished composing all of my songs about this situation. I’m not all ways ready studio wise. But last night, I had a dream about the funk. I blew up a swat team that was chasing me. This track might be uptempo, be prepared to see my underground video.

Skope: What advice can you give to your fans when they have to face difficult situations in life?

Eye’z: To believe in your self. I know everyone doesn’t believe in god. But before you believe in anything or anyone believe in yourself. If I didn’t believe in my self, I could have died. If I didn’t belive that I could create a change then I would be a goner. Don’t go, stay in the ride. Theres so much in life we have to do. Not just for me but for us. Life can be fun. Even though we have trauma we can still watch I love Lucy!

Skope: What can we look forward to Eye’z for the rest of 2010?

Eye’z: Controversy!



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