I am very excited to start my own column here at called, “In My Opinion.” I plan on writing & exposing anything & everything that I find interesting going on in music & Skope today. My hope is to touch a nerve with Skope readers and I encourage all that want to leave comments and join in the conversation.

I am all about conspiracy theories. Everything from 9/11 to JFK’s death I find intriguing to read about what might or might not be the truth. Now there is a conspiracy theory that involves pop stars and musicians.

I found this excellent read and wanted top share it with you first:

Andrew WK Lady Gaga & Illuminati Home


After reading this piece it really got me thinking if this could actually be true. My opinion is that I doubt it’s all true but I can see the legitimacy of certain points.

We live in a capitalism based society where profits come above art. For Lady Gaga and Andrew WK to make it big and get music fans to care it took alot of marketing money. I have seen some of the most talented musicians never really break out because they did not have the money to market & promote themselves. That marketing money had to come from somewhere and who better than major corporations. As we know these corporations do not invest in musicians to be nice, they want ROI.

When an artist like Lady Gaga or Rihanna make it big there is alot of money to be made. Tours, records, licensing, all bring in huge revenues. I believe that the labels have been investing in musicians for decades and they have learned what works & what does not. Some A&R saw Lady Gaga and knew that with her image and talent they could be successful. I find it hard to believe that Lady Gaga met with Satan and sold her soul for fame & fortune.

Think about boy bands for a moment. It all started with New Edition and New Kids On the Block. Record labels noticed that if you put some young, talented, & attractive guys together you could make some money. Whether you like him or not, Lou Pearlman is brilliant at doing just that. Is Lou the devil, no. But Lou did learn what the people wanted and he knew how to market them to the top. That is no different from Lady Gaga or Andrew WK.

I suggest you Google “Music The Illuminati” for yourself and see what you can find. There will never be a concrete answer but it sure is fun to think about & discuss!

By: Michael Friedman

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