YSP!WSD! Swagger and shimmer in Atlanta

You Say Party! We Say Die!(YSP!WSD!) played the tiny East Atlanta club, The Earl, on Monday. They brought a mishmash of new wave dance shimmer and punk swagger to the small stage. Becky Ninkovic danced on her toes – the pint-sized singer was energetic and pranced around the stage in a gold shiny top and black leggings, she wore her hair in a bowl cut and had blue eye shadow and glitter.

Ninkovic is a paradox; she is light and ethereal but on the other hand there are hints of her dark and brooding side. Krista Loewen played keys and also added her voice as backup to Ninkovic .Third song was “Glory”, a rebellious swaying anthem, like an edgier version of The Go-Go’s. The rest of the set was dominated by rollicking dance songs dotted here and there with the more introspective tracks like “Dark Days”.

Set List
Downtown Mayors Goodnight, Alley Kids Rule!
Suck It
Laura Palmer’s Prom
Dark Days
She’s Spoken For
The Gap (Between the Rich and the Poor
Like I Give a Care

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