Vitamin-D, Bridge

Get ready to get a full dose of Vitamin-D as you travel along a well-balanced, musical Bridge.   Dennis Cronin is the brains of the operation as he played the role of: composer, producer, engineer, vocalist, trumpeter, bassist, accordionist & vibraphonist.   Following him are: Konrad Meissner on drums & percussion, Adam Gold on guitar, vibraphonette & drums, Clark Wallace on bass, Pete Galub on guitar, Greta Gertler on piano, Linda Pitmon on drums and a number of string players.   The mass collection of musicians and instruments gives this record a very rich and fulfilling texture.

The beauty of this album is how Cronin & company incorporate so many cool styles of music.   You hear elements of classical & jazz with some rock & pop thrown in for good measure.   All the while, Vitamin-D keep it subtle and fun with a bit of eloquence.   Overall, this Brooklyn-based group gives a rock-solid performance as all of the instrumentalists bring their A-game.   The end result is a collage of wonderful sounds as Vitamin-D take it to a new level.   The recording quality is top-of-the-line and all 11 tracks are well-rehearsed verses.   All I have to say is magnifico!  

The CD starts up with a song called “Keeper” that gives off a happy-go-lucky vibe to tag along with a pep-rock feel.   Rolling into the next two tracks, you know right away that this band is all about feeding the listener smooth & cool, easy-going compositions.   You experience a laid-back demeanor that includes a rock backdrop.   On installment seven, “Trumpet Moment 2”, a soothing aura of horns hits you head on.   The record concludes with “George Washington Bridge” where Vitamin-D end it all perfectly with a simple, quick and funny twist.   These artists, in a sense, are telling their listening audience to ‘sit back, relax and don’t read into things so seriously’.   To sum this idea up, I’d say to just lighten up a bit and simply enjoy this diversely appealing piece of work.

When it’s all said and done, I would say this disc is musical enjoyment for your listening pleasures. No breaks and no fakes, just all-the-way-through genuinely-written & performed pieces of music.   I’d say there is a little bit of everything to excite your audible senses here with an array of instruments to choose from.   Make sure you get your daily allowance of Vitamin-D by allowing yourself to cross this Bridge of originality.   I’ll leave by saying that I truly appreciate what this NY-based group has done here.   They have made it their own with no regrets and I give to them my stamp of approval.   For more on Vitamin-D and their new release, Bridge, SKOPE out  

By Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 4/5]

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