Golden Bloom, Fan The Flames

Golden Bloom, the power-pop force sounds like a thousand waves crashing in ferocious union on “Fan The Flames.” It should come as a mighty surprise then, that Golden Bloom, which can easily rival acts like The New Pornographers in their power pop capabilities is just one dude. Shawn Fogel cranks out nine pieces of pop perfection, with hints of alt-country on tracks like the swaying “She Leaves Me Poetry,” (Which packs just as heavy an emotional wallop as most country music does, by the way) to touches of transient jangle-lovin’ on “If You Believe.” There’s a wealth of depth on “Fan The Flames,” and one thing remains painfully clear after a few spins of “Fan The Flames.” The highs that Fogel’s voice hits and the crescendos that rise with heaps of buoyancy show off Fogel’s unabashed love of the tunes he creates.

“Doomsday Devices” is another standout on “Fan The Flames,” despite the fact that its frenetic pace and easily digested lyrics are so MTV-ready it hurts. That’s a bit of a cheap shot, but it may also serve as a bit of a warning. Get into Fogel and his everlasting goodtimes on “Fan The Flames” now, before everyone and their Iphone will spout enough of him to make you sick. This is harmless and warming pop music to crack a thousands smiles to.

By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 3/5]

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