Stellar Vector, A Flock of Cowards

Flock_of_Cowards_Cover_phixrStellar Vector hails from Minneapolis, MN and the founding members are: Charles Sadler on lead vocals & keyboards and Jonathan Ford on rhythm guitar.   The two members got their start playing at First Avenue where Prince actually played many times.   This venue was even used as the main spot for the movie, Purple Rain.   Formerly known as {space bar}, this Minneapolis-based group has turned their music into something stellar.   Stellar Vector introduce their exciting new sound of progressive/alternative rock-electronica and they consider themselves to be a “post modern rock band that draws heavily from various neo-prog and post-punk influences and makes heavy use of synthesizers.”   You definitely get a heavy dose of that synth sound on this record, which gives off a classic retro feel at times.   In the end, A Flock of Cowards offers the listening public something refreshingly different where modern meets 80s.  

Along with Sadler & Ford, the current recording & live lineup consists of: Kevin Hahn on lead guitar, Stephen Ahonen on drums and Mike Johnson on bass.   Following up with their two EPs, Stellar Vector brings to you A Flock of Cowards.   To sum it all up, Sadler & company write music and play to the tune of fear.   Fear in the sense of people acting scared/cowardly in certain situations in life.   The ironic part is that these songs aren’t meant to attack this notion of cowardliness but rather play off of it in a fun & upbeat fashion.   It’s very interesting how Stellar Vector turned such a sensitive subject into something so audibly exciting.   People will dig this album because this flock of musicians are true to themselves as artists.   This band also speaks loudly to fans because they offer you nothing more and nothing less than a heavy dose of rock.

Their style is just hypely original and really unmatched in terms of anything else I’ve heard recently.   This band gives you a real rock jam feel but also with heavy retro elements.   You hear a new wave sort of sound with alternative influences marching to the beat of a retrofied sensation.   This Stellar Vector and their Flock of Cowards just offer up an incredibly cool sound that I truly enjoyed.   The music really speaks for itself as it will grab your attention from both a vocal & musical standpoint.   There were also some excellent guitar parts that were catchy as hell and just a joy to hear.   Stellar Vector gives you a stellar performance as they attempt to rock your socks off with their new project.

The final verdict is that I am instantly a fan of this band!   Their progressive & modernized style mixed with that classic retro charm is nothing short of freshly inventive.   This could be an instant classic in the Indie circuit!   For more on Stellar Vector and their new release, A Flock of Cowards, SKOPE out

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[Rating: 4/5]

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