Philadelphia native TAYLOR BRIGHT is a high-spirited go-getter with a down-to-earth sense of self. The 16-year-old budding songstress channels such enthusiasm into an effervescent combination of radio-friendly pop and rock that’s both mature and genuine. Self-penned tunes such as the playful ode to a crush, “Striped Socks,” showcase her light-hearted song writing style and memorable choruses ensure it is a fantastic pop release.

The single ‘Striped Socks’ echoes Taylor’s emerging sophistication, much like her inspirations, Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. And, inside all of that Taylor shatters stereotypes on what it means to be an African-American artist making music within the pop and rock realms.

“It doesn’t matter what you look like and it’s not the type of person you are,” Taylor says. “With my music, I just want to give the message, ‘Be who you are and do what you love.’”

[youtube APnQmlCQCeg nolink]


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