Ever dream that you had your own radio station where you could call the shots and play whatever you feel like? Imagine the fun you’d have and the impact your own cool, diverse musical tastes would have on thousands, maybe millions of listeners!

Dream no more. Now, thanks to Listener Driven Radio you and your fellow listeners can call the shots. All you have to do is click to pick your favorite songs via your mobile phone, your local station’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace,   Friendster and more than 80 other social networking sites.

For terrestrial radio station owners, LDR is groundbreaking software that empowers listeners and consumers to become programming collaborators, fostering loyalty via real time interaction. Listeners can access a radio station’s playlist via mobile or the station’s website and vote for their favorite songs. Input and voting from listeners directly affects the “waiting” time for the next spin of a song in the station’s playlist–playing more popular songs faster. The platform will automatically email and send an instant message to the listeners who opt in, informing them that their track is about to spin.

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