BECK.COM PRESENTS OPENING OF COLORSPACE   has unveiled the virtual art gallery Colorspace as the newest of the site’s expanding array of exclusive features. Colorspace will serve as an online showcase for new visual talent, featuring new artists every month, and also making available limited edition T-shirts, prints, posters and more.

The first artist to be featured at Colorspace will be Olaf Bruening. Breuning’s artistic sensibility was developed, steeped in and informed by the music of Talking Heads, Eurythmics and Grace Jones, the photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Jeff Wall and Cindy Sherman, and the sculpture of Jeff Koons. He cites as influences everything from sci-fi to horror via Vikings and haunted houses. His photographs, installations, and films feature a recurring vocabulary; face-painting, eyeballs attached to inanimate objects, long cheap wigs, naked breasts or direct movie allusions.

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