“We are so excited to announce that our new music video for Can We Stay is done and it is beautiful!

We have been writing and filming and editing for the past several weeks, and it is so fun to see the outcome of all of the hard work.   So, the last couple of months when Samuel walked home from work he kept passing by an old beat up truck parked in the neighborhood.   He kept thinking of using it for for our music somehow, and each trip by the ideas kept building so that he had a rough outline for a music video (I won’t say too much before you have a chance to watch it).   We looked at it together a few more times and talked about ideas to do a simple video.  

Several months ago we had become friends with a filmmaker named James Wilson.   We talked to him about our new ideas of making a video together with us for Can We Stay and he was really supportive and excited to direct the video.   The three of us walked by the old truck and talked to the kind owner about using his property, and we schemed about all of the shots and began to elaborate the story that we wanted in the video.

Samuel and I planned images and settings and props and moods we wanted to convey.   James gathered cameras and lenses and equipment and assembled a crew for the shoot.   We all spent an entire cold day and a colder evening setting up shots and arranging scenes and capturing images.   We had a space heater to pretend we were keeping warm, we ate pizza for fuel, and we just kept going because it was such a fun thought knowing that we were making a video.   James put together an initial draft of the video outline, Samuel and James have been working the big scope and the nuances of editing, and we have all spent the last couple of weeks refining the narrative and the scenes so that a stunning music video has emerged!”

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Hannah & Samuel – The Woodlands

Can We Stay from The Woodlands on Vimeo.

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