“The Veronica Sessions” is a fully produced sound with acoustic undertones that is highlighted with “World” and “Latin” beats. Vocals are a mix of smooth rock rasp to clear heartfelt vocalizations.

William Funk’s debut album is rich in classical instrumentation, modern and playful progressions and soulful lyrics. The artist stopped playing music for nearly fifteen years feeling that he lacked the necessary inspiration to write and compose his own music.   Earlier this year he found his inspiration. The result is a refreshing album that harnesses years of pent up creativity. The album was produced by a three time Juno Award (Canadian Grammy) nominee, Joe Barrucco ( Joe was previously nominated for his work on several dance tracks.

Where were you born and raised?

“I was born in Calgary, Canada and attended most of my school years in a small city south of Calgary, named Lethbridge. Attend might be the wrong word. Often bored at school, I had a less than stellar attendance record and ultimately dropped out of high school. ”

“After bouncing around from job to job for a few years I eventually went back to school and earned a couple of degrees and ultimately moved to attend graduate school in Montreal. However, I left this program in the second year to start my own company.”

When did you first discover your interest in music and who were your major influences?

“I developed an interest in music at a relatively early age as a means of an escape. It began by singing songs on my paper route to playing my guitar in my parent’s basement when nobody was listening. Music was usually an individual pursuit because my tastes were all over the map. I liked everything from Waylon Jennings to the Bee Gees.   Looking back, my major influences were bands such as Toto, Ambrosia, Richard Marx and host of other acts from the 70s and 80s with fully produced sounds.”

“I enjoyed playing the piano when I was younger, however, I mainly use the piano now for composing.   I am primarily a rhythm guitar player and vocalist.   Over the past few months I have developed a keen interest in music, writing and charity. Although, I will continue with my business or day job as it were, I can never envision my passions being any different.”

In April, 2009 William found the inspiration to write seven of the ten songs appearing on the CD over the course of a weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The other three tracks, arguably some of the strongest tracks on the CD, were written over the course of the following months.   Each with its own unique story. Case in point, the Spanglish rock tune, “Beautiful Martes” was written about a woman William met a few years ago named Martes who hailed from Austin, Texas. To continue, William’s personal favorite, the edgy rock track “Castles & Prison Cells” reflects the freedom that music symbolizes in the artist’s life.

As well as writing the lyrics and music, William provided the vocals and guitar work appearing on the CD.   As an aside, the artist will donating all profits from CD sales to charity and charitable causes. (to be revamped soon!!)

Story behind the music:

Words By: Diana Olson –


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