I was going to wait until Monday to post my new interview with Kaci Battaglia but I really just could not wait. Kaci is making serious moves with her new single, “Crazy Possessive.” At first glance you might mistake Kaci for an actress or a model even, but that is not the case. By the time Kaci was 13 she already toured the world and had a few top 10 singles under her belt. Now she is of the drinking age and music is still her life-long passion. Join us as Kaci talks about where she is at now and where she plans to go.


Stoli: You have been pursuing music since a very early age. What is it about music that has made you devote your life to it?

Kaci Battaglia: Music means the world to me! Personally, it turns a grey existence into a vibrant life!!!   It is my love, my quest, my release, and my purpose. It is something I have been drawn to since birth; the thing I was born and bred to do.   Pursuit of any other occupation at this point in my life just wouldn’t feel right.   And while the music itself is the heartbeat of what I do, there are also many other aspects to a career in music that one has to focus on.   From where I stand, being a successful recording artist requires many different skills and a lot of passion. It requires endless drive and a true entrepreneurial spirit.   So, while the talent to entertain is an obvious necessity, there are a lot of other things really help – such as a desire and ability to get along well with people, a good business head and endless patience!   Of course, a career in music can provide many amazing experiences and can be quite profitable, but it comes at a high cost – and you have to pay up front! In most cases, you have to work ridiculously long hours, seven days a weeks for years on end with very little to no pay.   Contrary to popular belief, it’s not glamorous for the most part, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into it.   But… it is worth it to me because ultimately I get to live the life I want. No matter how hard it can get, I wake up happy with my life – where it has taken me, who it has made me, and where I am going. At the end of the day, that’s all that really counts!!!

Stoli: Were your parents & family supportive of your ambition and did you have to deal with any haters along the way?

Kaci Battaglia: My family has supported me more than I could possibly ask for!! It has always been my wish to do this, and they never held me back. They have always reinforced the notion in me that I can be and do anything I set my heart and mind to! I’m really lucky to have such an amazing support system!!! Over and above everything else they are, and always will be, number one!!

I have had MANY haters along the way, so I developed some pretty thick skin at a really early age. Eventually, I just saw it as a sign that I was doing something right – lol! The ones that hurt me the most were the haters disguised as friends. SInce loyalty is huge with me, when it comes to friends, I am very cautious. Friends are family that you choose, so the ones I do have, I hold very close to my heart. I am also one of the best friends you could ever ask for!!!!
Stoli: You were doing world tours by 13. Did it ever bother you that you were not having the regular teenage experience?

Kaci Battaglia: At the time it didn’t bother me at all. I was living my dreams!! However, it does have a huge effect on how you view life and approach situations. In retrospect, taking time off to find myself was one of the best decisions I ever made. Now I can come back into the industry knowing who I am and what I want to say to the world, and feeling good about it.

Stoli: You toured with big stars like Jessica Simpson, Bow Wow, and Backstreet Boys. What did you learn from watching them every night?

Kaci Battaglia: Oddly enough, even though I have been on tour with tons of big stars, it was often for short periods of time. Even on the longer tours, I usually had to do signings and press after my performances, so rarely had the chance to watch the other acts. Still, every time I was able to catch a great show, even once, it taught me something new.

Stoli: When you are writing lyrics. How much of your personal life do you allow the public to know about?

Kaci Battaglia: Too much!! All too often when I write, it comes from very personal experiences. Sometimes I feel bad for my friends because for better or worse I am honest when I write and they know exactly who I am talking about!

Stoli: As your career blossoms is it even possible for you to be in a relationship and be able to make it work?

Kaci Battaglia: I sure hope so!!! It’s all about trust, passion, loyalty, love, and communication! I figure if two people are right for each other and have the passion to grow and progress together, then they can overcome any obstacle that’s placed in front of them; even if those obstacles include a busy blossoming career in entertainment. — a career in the public eye.

Stoli: If I got my hands on your Ipod what artists would I find on there?

OMG! The question should be, who wouldn’t you find!!

Stoli: You are obviously very attractive. How do you deal with the media & industry from trying to exploit your sexuality instead of your music?

Kaci Battaglia: Well, thanks! Dealing with the judgement and pressures of constantly being in the public eye and being objectified in a sexual way by the media is probably one of the toughest parts of my job. But it’s all about keeping yourself in check! Since I started performing as a young girl, I’ve had to struggle with these issues from an early age. I’m naturally a perfectionist, and put a lot of pressure on myself in terms of my body image and took criticism very much to heart, which made me really insecure. But I’m a bit older now and feel very differently… I love myself and see my body as a gift. Haters can hex me, but I think I’m sexy! I believe in being confident and self assured. With that kind of mind set, getting healthy and taking care of yourself just falls into place because you take pride in what you have and who you are.

Stoli: You are an inspiration to legions of fans all over the world. What advice can you give them when it comes to dealing with life’s trials and tribulations?
Kaci Battaglia: A positive spirit and perseverance is the way to succeed at anything and everything!! Believe in yourself and take each day as it comes. You don’t have to know it all, you just have to be brave, take the first steps and stay focused and positive.
Kaci On – “Carzy Possessive”:


Stoli: What is a must-have for you when you are writing & recording music in the studio?

Kaci Battaglia: Liquids! Haha! There is a running joke in the studio that I am the juice queen! Hey… at least it’s water and crystal light and not food. I get mad munchies when I write, so I try to switch it up to more liquids these days! Plus, the hydration is good for the vocal chords. ; )
Stoli: What are two odd things about you that might surprise Skope readers?

Kaci Battaglia:
1: I love sports (both playing and watching) and I am winning in my fantasy football league right now!
2: I am one of those people who loves the holiday season way too much! Thanksgiving is more than two weeks away and I already can not wait to put up the christmas tree and decorations!
Stoli: Your single “Crazy Possesive” is catchy & fresh. Is that song about you or a past love interest?

Kaci Battaglia: Thank you! Yes it is! Several situations occurred revolving around a guy I was dating and it made me question the loyalty of one of my very close girl friends. I vented via song … and out came “Crazy Possessive!” It is about hoping that you are just being crazy, so that you don’t have to “rough up” the person you trust the most! It is an introspective and empowering song about setting healthy boundaries and standing up for yourself! I like to think before I act, but I’m definitely not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. This song helps me reinforce that internal strength everyday!
Stoli: What is coming up for you & where can readers get more Kaci Battaglia?

Kaci Battaglia: Well I am in the process of creating my new album and will be releasing “Crazy Possessive” internationally in the new year!! So there is certainly a lot in store!!!! You can keep in touch with me on any and all of the social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter… etc. Keep in touch!!! xoxoxo, KACI


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