zerobridge OFFER NEW SINGLE “2mins5” OFF NEW EP

After self-releasing a single every month for the last half of 2008, zerobridge is back with a new EP entitled “There We Were, Now Here We Are” available Nov. 17th.  

The EP includes six tracks reflecting the musical journey the band has been on for the last 4 years — careening between the fury of a politically motivated track like “TWA,” a Replacements-esque rocker like “There We Were, Now Here We Are,” and a moving ballad like “Venus In Arms” (a fan favorite — included on the EP almost completely because of the fans’ insistence).   The first single “2mins5” (pronounced two-minutes-five) is a punchy pop-rock gem, rounding up the likes of U2, New Order, The Clash and others and making them all comfortably sit together within the constraints of two minutes and thirty-nine seconds.   Completing the song cycle of the EP are “How Long,” with its sing-along chorus fans join in on at every show, and “It Is What It Is,” the perfect down tempo compliment to wrap up the EP and make you want to start the journey all over again from the beginning.

First single, “2mins5” available here:


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