Ihsaan Khatim, Speak Life

BXBKVLIOAYDF-320x240--Ihsaan_Khatim_Cover_1__phixrThe meaning behind this artist’s name is “Excellence, Finally”, which was given to him by his uncle.   Ihsaan Khatim is definitely following suite with Speak Life by pouring everything he has into this project.   This EP is just a taste of what’s to come in 2010 when the new album hits the streets.

Khatim is pumping nothing but a positive vibe on this new release full of uplifting music.   There are just three songs on this disc, but each one hits just the right chord for listeners.   Khatim seems to be breathing life back into the music scene with his evident authenticity to always just be himself.   He feels the need to constantly be real with himself as an artist, but more importantly as his own, individual self.   What you’re hearing on Speak Life are words spoken straight from the heart of Ihsaan Khatim.   No BS, no drama and no nonsense, Khatim is bringing you the real thing with his genuine touch.  

The EP also focuses on the word love not just as a word, but as a real concept being misinterpreted in today’s world.   This singer/songwriter wants to give the word love true meaning again without any limitations/restrictions.     By engulfing himself with love, Ihsaan hopes that this will feed into others’ hearts.   One of Khatim’s main objectives is to inspire people through his love for excellence & goodness.   Take a chance with life and let life take a chance on you–Amen!

The EP offers an array of musical styles such as: soul, jazz, blues, gospel and even a little funk.   Ihsaan Khatim brings all of these styles to make up one enriching sound.   I would call this 3-song set music to relax your mind and soul to.   On the first track, “Pump Our Brakes”, you get a very smooth, jazzy feel with soulful moments and even little drops of funk thrown in.   The song actually stresses on the importance of relationships and everything that goes along with it like short & long-term commitments and being able to make smart & sound decisions together.   The next track, “Heaven”, is just that with a wonderful harmony brought to you by the brilliant singing of Ihsaan Khatim.   The pleasant sax sound and acoustic guitar were definitely nice added touches.   This song is about all the important women in our life and how they bring heavenly joy & happiness into our lives each and every day.   The final song, “La, La, La(Our Love is So)”, tells you to strip away your fears and just be 100% real with yourself.   Khatim just wants you to have fun, enjoy yourself and live life to its fullest.   This final installment, to me, sounded like it could turn into a very nice holiday tune because of its jolly spirit.

Worth noting that besides being a talented singer/songwriter, Ihsaan has also been involved with producing in which he owns his own private recording studio.   He also seems to have a knack for marketing as he puts an idea of a “wedding tour” to the test.   For more on this self-assured artist with no fancy gimmicks, SKOPE out http://ihsaanmusic.com/.   Ihsaan Khatim invites you to Speak Life, hear life and then finally breathe life.

By Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 4/5]

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