Reign Lee, Broken Skylines

reignlee Cover[1]This Hong-Kong based singer/songwriter, Reign Lee, is ready to take the music world by storm.   Not only does Lee write and perform all of her songs on the new record, but she is also the producer of Broken Skylines.   This multi-talented artist is definitely prepared to excite the minds of music enthusiasts everywhere!

Having a European-Canadian mother & Chinese father, this has played a huge role in her development as a musician.   Reign has also lived, worked and studied in many places around the world such as: Ontario, Alberta, Arizona, Beijing, Illinois, New York and Hong Kong.   This cultural diversity that Lee has experienced makes her very multi-dimensional.  

Broken Skylines is a very pure album in terms of Reign Lee’s passion on the recording.   You can really feel her soul, at times, just by the way she sings her lines.   It is both a very powerful & emotional listening experience for Reign Lee herself and her audience.   Lee offers up a very pleasant pitch & melody throughout this record.   It seems like so much damn feeling wrapped up into one small CD.   I would say that Lee is blending various styles here from: rock, pop and alternative to make up one immensely interesting sound.   I would call Broken Skylines guitar-driven pop/rock with some slightly raw edginess to it.   This is all twisted together to make up Reign Lee’s distinct sound.

Some worthy accolades I’d like to mention here: MySpace charts have listeners ranking her as the #1 Alternative Indie Artist from Hong Kong.   She is also the #1 Alternative Artist in Hong Kong on the Reverbnation charts. Her song, “Built to Last” is included for a Microsoft promotional campaign as the Sponsored Song.   In support of Broken Skylines, she has had a TV appearance on the Tim Qualls Show and she will also be appearing on certain TV Talk Shows on CBS, ABC, Fox and Comcast along the way.   Lee is set to embark on a long US club tour that will start up Oct. 14, visiting cities nationwide into 2010.   See if Reign Lee is coming to a city/town near you!

In the end, this record has so much passionate energy and Reign Lee is one serious artist.   Just as a basketball player may make it rain three pointers, Reign is making it rain musical notes composed of nothing but precision & quality.   For more on this multi-dimensional artist, Reign Lee, and her latest album Broken Skylines, SKOPE out

By Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 4/5]

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