Suzieprofilepic2_phixrThe Internet is one of the greatest inventions to discover new things. That is exactly how I found out about my next guest Suzie Cocktail. I got caught up watching Suzie’s videos on her Youtube page and I was hooked. There is just something so unique and entertaining about her that I had to dig deeper. You might think what this has to do with music, but if you read on you will see it very much does. We talk about her healing powers, Katie Perry, coming from an Orthodox Jewish background, and so much more!

Stoli: If you had to describe Suzie Cocktail in 3 sentences what would you say?

Suzie Cocktail: In the show Suzie is the new role model of the 21st century symbolizing the emptiness and narcissism culture of the capitalistic society.

Stoli: At what age did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career based on your sexuality?

Suzie Cocktail: If I was a whore that would be an appropriate question, but since I am an actress who acts in a provocative web series I don’t think that question is relevant. The fact that I am a huge sex symbol, its only because people are attracted to my healing power.

Stoli: How do your friends & parents react to your Suzie Cocktail persona?

Suzie Cocktail: My parents are Jewish and very orthodox. They are very putie. They think I’ve lost it years ago, but they are going to see… the whole world is going to fall in love with me. As for my friends, they adore me and think I am the leader of the a new existential movement.

Stoli: Katy Perry came out with “I Kissed A Girl” but she then admitted she has never kissed a girl. Did you think that was rather lame or did you get it?

Suzie Cocktail: I think she should kiss a girl immediately. I think we should all be bi-sexual and open up our sexual auras.

Stoli: On your Myspace page you talk about “learning to love yourself.” I admire that about you. What would you say to someone who is hurting from the recession to try and get back on their feet?

[youtube UcGjO_9oSBs nolink]

Suzie Cocktail: I would explain to them that the recession is part of a test God sent to the people who are chasing after fortune. I would advise them not to look at it personally but see it as a guide and a sign to dive in to a more spiritual world.

Stoli: Where are you looking to go in your career as Suzie Cocktail?

Suzie Cocktail: I never thought of myself as an entertainer, only as a spiritual guide. Now that I see that my magic works well on the screen I want to show the whole world to cure them.

Stoli: I really like your Youtube page. How has the Internet given you an outlet that you may not have had years ago?

Suzie Cocktail: Yes, I discovered the Japanese love me. It’s so much fun because I have fans in England, Thailand and even Poland.

Stoli: You live in NYC. Where are some of your favorite places to go out and see music? What is a night on the town with Suzie Cocktail like?

Suzie Cocktail: Usually I’m hosting a dance healing party once a week. On October 8th I’m proud to announce my first public dancing party. You are welcome to come.

Stoli: When it comes to music who are some of your favorite artists that you listen to?

Suzie Cocktail: Jay Z, Raekwon, and T.I.

Stoli: If someone did not know better they would think you are in the adult industry. Is that on purpose or is that where you are heading?

Suzie Cocktail: It’s definitely not where I am heading. It’s part of the secret plan to have people open up and explore their sexuality. When people look at porn they do it secretly and they feel like perverts and ashamed of themselves. When people watch my show they laugh out loud and share it with their friends, and this is what we call healing.

Stoli: I have high blood pressure so I am always eating carrots for snacks. Please explain to my readers your love for carrots?

Suzie Cocktail: I love carrots so much because they have an interesting shape and taste great. They remind me of something my grandpy used to share with me.

Stoli: What some personal attributes about Suzie Cocktail that would surprise and shock ‘Skoped Out’ readers?

Suzie Cocktail: I am very very shy and inhibited and also a virgin.

Stoli: What is coming up next for Suzie Cocktail and where can readers get more from you?

Suzie Cocktail: I would like to invite all your readers for the first public healing dancing session. This is the first time I will share with the public my healing powers. Please go to my website for more information!


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