vlad1_phixrVlad’s biography says, “Music has the ability to transform, heal and speak to the soul. And when it transcends itself, music is no longer music but rather the truth and philosophy of life. This is the true essence of highly accomplished guitarist, arranger, producer – Vlad…

Beyond any musical boundaries, his creations can be described as Contemporary World Fusion, combining a mixture of sounds, from World, Jazz, Pop, Symphonic, Soul and more. Now weave together all of life’s richness and add hues of color and layers of texture. This is what is heard in each of Vlad’s works – each song a different experience and each note a different moment expressed.”

Born in a small town in the western part of Ukraine on January 3rd, Vlad DeBriansky began his musical career at age 7 playing drums. “I was fascinated with rhythm and especially drum sounds,” recalls Vlad who used to bang on books, silverware and plates. At 13 he took guitar lessons and from that moment on the guitar became his path in his life. Vlad studied jazz and classical music and loved every minute of it. By age 14 he won several jazz festivals in Eastern Europe and formed his first band.

At 17 a popular rock band Forte recruited Vlad as a lead guitarist. Soon after reaching several #1 hits in the charts, Vlad joined the legendary art rock band “Tea Fan Club” (TFC). While in TFC Vlad was hired as a studio guitarist by Leo Studios in Lviv, Molem in Krakow, M-Studios MTV in Berlin and worked with a varieties of well known popular and classical artists as well as writing music for major national shows and soundtrack for motion pictures. TFC joined the presidential campaign endorsing democratic candidate for Ukraine’s independence and had been added to “People of the Year” national pride list.

During that time Vlad also helped newcomers with their music career, among them is a eurovision winner ukrainian singer Ruslana.   After Ukraine’s independence, Vlad and a former leader of a well-known Opalni Prinz, Yurok Shtyn, formed a new band, Loony Pelen. #1 hits and #1 album in the national charts quickly followed.

Having established himself as a premier guitarist in Ukraine, Vlad has garnered numerous awards and earned endless accolades in his country. Berklee College Of Music welcomed Vlad to the United States with the highest scholarship awarded. In the past ten years, Vlad has stepped into the solo spotlight in the USA and around the world. He has released his latest CD, Vladosphere . Troubles, stress, worries, war, love – leave them all behind just for a little while by entering this world. “Life Of My Heart” sweeps you up off your feet and takes you on a journey of pure emotion. And on “Little Star” Vlad’s musicianship shines through on every note. “Close To The Edge” is a perfect example of Vlad’s guitar virtuosity that impresses the toughest critic.

Vladosphere has it all. In Vlad’s own words: “…This was the place which carried my oxygen, my life, my air. It was Vladosphere. This place always exists, regardless of our memory of it. That’s what makes us alive and live. So, I would say everyone has his or her own …sphere “.   Personally,   I find his music very peaceful and deep.   When I needed this tranquility the most, there he was.

Vlad says he currently lives in Los Angeles. “The weather keeps me here! :-)   I do travel to Europe quite often and tour as well, including my own project and collaborations.”

“Currently I am working on the Delta Blues album, but with my own twist. It should be finished by October. Also, I am writing a symphony which should be performed by Kiev National Symphony Orchestra in the Spring. I hope to release as a recording as well.   A new jazz album is in the works too.”

I asked Vlad what he wants to be doing a few years from now. “Well, God only knows! :-) I am just happy to work on music, being surrounded by good-hearted people and enjoy living. I also asked what he wanted people to get from my music? “We should ask people! :-) But I do receive a lot of emails and mail from listeners. Some are interested in my inspirations, some in guitar techniques, some just letting me know how a song changed their life, and they are quite heart-touching stories. Overall, it gives me a great purpose to know that the music I create has a place in people’s hearts – and that’s the biggest reward, so, I’m grateful!


Written By: Diana Olson – diolson05@yahoo.com

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