Encore, Her Name is Music

encorte_phixrHer name may be music, but his name is Jonathan Cook AKA Encore.   The new record is special in terms of Encore finding himself, as an artist & person, and also finding God.   Much praise to the lord comes straight from the mouth & heart of Encore.   He includes a powerful note to God himself on the inside cover that states: “To God: Because of you I am, and I am Because you are.”   This short message is so simple, yet so direct & impactful.   I, myself, recently started attending church once a week after a long departure.   I wanted to feel better for myself as an individual, devoted Catholic and most importantly I wanted to feel as though I am one with God.   I also realized to cherish all the moments I have with my family/loved ones and to never take them for granted.   I’ve learned you have to take advantage of this life you’re given and I’m proud to say religion is a huge part of my life once again.   My parents, brother, girlfriend and I try to attend church every Saturday now, which has become a long-time-coming ritual.   Encore’s words of wisdom made me realize once again that importance of having God in your life, so thanks Jonathan Cook for that.

Encore is a musician out of Camden, New Jersey or straight from Jersey for ALL you east-coasters.   The new album, Her Name is Music, provides hip-hop, pop and R&B all wrapped up in one package.   Cook has had some success already by appearing on BET 106 and Park, the Apollo and he was even a finalist on American Idol.   In NY, Cook made it to the top 40 out of 15,000 contestants on the hit TV show.   Not a bad start at ALL for this young man–Encore…Encore!!!   Lol

The CD has 10 songs with one bonus track.   The album starts up with a song titled “Starholic”, which is pretty much a song in vain with a heavily, saturated pop appeal.   Track three, “So Gone”, is an emotional joint about a woman with true, raw feeling being poured on here by Encore.   “Super Hero” features Skullio who lays down some pretty fresh rhymes to compliment Encore’s smooth delivery.   The title track, “Her Name is Music” features Perfect Mind who add a very cool voice effect to the song.   Encore also proves to be in a zone on this cut with a smooth-swag vocal performance and melodic harmonies.   “Hey (In Da Club)” is dance-worthy with club potential in full effect.   The final two tracks weren’t really my cup of tea due to different key changes in vocals and confusion as to where the direction or tone of this song was going.   Overall, I enjoyed the nice pitch Encore sang with throughout the record.   I most loved the hot, hip-hop beats layered in with the pop and R&B sounds.   I think I’ll call Encore’s new work Hip-Poppin’ R&B.   I have to admit that I wasn’t diggin’ the start of this record, but once it got goin’ and hit the middle-ground I was feelin’ it.  

Fore more on Encore and his latest release, Her Name is Music, SKOPE out www.myspace.com/encore4you.

By Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 3/5]

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