ryanrosspatd Something tells me Ryan Ross has seen better days.

If you already forgot, it was announced via the band’s Myspace that both Jon Walker and Ryan Ross of Panic at the Disco had left the band to “embark on a musical excursion of their own”. While Walker has been seemingly fine, Ross is a different story.

After the announcement, Ross and Walker were both met with backlash by their fellow fans, which is what Ross finds most disturbing, and even Pete Wentz himself, who now also his former-boss. According to Ross, the split was due to creative differences between himself and lead singer Brendon Urie.

“Brendon has always been a fan of pop music, but that’s such a broad term, because I guess I would say I would be too, but in a different way. Jon and I are still very much influenced by the Beatles and Beach Boys stuff”

While this could’ve gone smoothly as just a simple split, things got a bit more hectic when a photo of Ross cuddled with three girls on a couch (who he says are his friends) and lines of cocaine at the bottom of the picture.

“I planned the whole thing!” he laughed. “No, [the photo was taken] a couple of weeks ago – I do remember, believe it or not. I’m not gonna tell you whose house it was at, but yeah, there was a party the night before, and I slept on the couch, and we took a picture. I didn’t even really know [the cocaine] was there. I think one of the girls put the picture on her Facebook, and was like, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t even know it was on the table,’ and then I don’t know what happened. But I think they got in more trouble than I did.”

Well, at least now we know who was behind the change of sound on the band’s sophomore release, Pretty.Odd.

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