Gian Tornatore, Fall

giantornatore1_phixr.jpgSoft, smooth and sophisticated, saxophonist and composer Gian Tornatore’s third album, “Fall,” is a delight to listen to.
The album, a follow-up to Tornatore’s 2003 debut, “Sink or Swim,” and his 2005 sophomore album, “Blackout,” has a short track listing of only eight songs, however, the quality of each song compensates for the quantity. Each song, just under 10 minutes, is very soothing and harmonious.  

Though “Fall” is Tornatore’s CD, he does not overshadow his other musicians, and in fact allows them a bit of their own shine. “Fall,” the title track, is a bit of a slow-paced song, and literally ‘falls’ right into the next song, “La Copa Del Mondo,” which picks up where “Fall” left off. The difference here is that the latter picks up in pace and also spotlights guitarist Nate Radley, as well as Jon Anderson on piano.

“Nobody But You” is personal and very melodic, and is a perfect marriage of piano and sax. Along with Radley and Anderson, Tornatore brought along bassist Thomas Kneeland and drummer Jordan Perlson for the “Fall” ride. “Hearing Triangles” is complex and very quick — the up-tempo is a nice change of pace.
The only song that falls a bit repetitive is the final cut, “La Vita (Never To Be Forgotten)”, which is really just a slow tempo version of the first song on the album, “La Vita.”
Overall, Tornatore’s “Fall” is solid, and great to listen to, especially when kicking up your feet after a long, hard day of work.

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Review By: Erika Y. Gradecki

[Rating: 3/5]

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