People, The Cliché

people_ac.jpgEither come with it to rock out or just simply go home should be this LA-based band’s motto.   People is the name of the group and a heavy, rock-driven record is the premise of The Cliché.   People is composed of front-man/guitarist/songwriter–Jimmy Young, Matty O on drums and featuring new bassist–Matt Powers.   Powers is stepping in after the tragic and unfortunate death of their former bassist, Gidget Gein.   Gein died of a heroin overdose in October 2008 and was the former bass player for Marilyn Manson.   Seems like big shoes to fill for Powers and People, but “they’re excited about celebrating the legacy of Gein and the inspiration his musical and visual art brought to People’s first full-length recording.   They’re definitely focused on the incredibly bright future”.   Classy words and so it seems that their “future’s so bright, they gotta wear shades”.   How’s that for The Cliché baby!   Lol

The album features a sound that has a pure rock edge, but with a cool, retrofied vibe.   Classic 80s elements can be heard interwoven throughout the tracks.   Sounds like People are bringing the fun back to music with just a solid rock & roll groove.   As an entire unit, these three musicians supply a stellar performance along with a sound recording session.   Young’s vocal approach offers up a sincere quality while also having ballz.   The lyrics are everything but fake with meaningful messages while melodically deep at times.   The songs offer incredibly catchy-ass riffs and lines that you just might catch yourself singing to.   I would have loved to witness the very beginning of this band when they perhaps were having an all-out jam session in someone’s garage.   People sometimes forget the true essence of music and for myself and People, that is no cliché.  

I love the meaning behind “Song For The People”, which touches on how certain bands get big heads and think they are better than their fans.   The song stresses that at the end of the day, we’re all the same no matter what.   Some may feel more special than others, but never will one be bigger than life itself.   That’s the facts jack and this is a number for all people to hear loud and clear.   Let’s get it right, get it straight and figure it out finally that we are “one for all and all for one”.  

It is worth mentioning that People had the pleasure of working with some big-time pros in the music bizz.   Punk/metal producer, Dave Jerden, who has worked with Jane’s Addiction, Alice in Chains and Mary’s Danish produced the album.   Bryan Carlstrom, whose resume includes working with Billy Idol and The Offspring, came in to engineer the whole process.  

People and The Cliché have quite a buzz going and I’m not talking about the lingering effects of alcohol here.   These LA rockers seem to be the real deal and they hope to rock your socks off.   For more on People and their latest release, SKOPE out   For the live and electrifying version of this Rock Trio, Check them out at Sullivan Hall in NY on June 20.   Doors open at 7:30 PM and they hit the stage as the headlining act at 10 PM.  

By Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 4/5]

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