Celine Dion sings a tear-jerking version of Wyn Stark’s ‘Who I Am’

If anyone is able to put on a heart-wrenching vocal performance, it’s musical legend Celine Dion. In the striking new documentary “I Am: Celine Dion” the ‘My Heart Will Go On’ singer grapples with the impact of stiff person syndrome on her personal life and career. During a session with her therapist, she is asked to sing one of her favourite songs – “Who I Am” by Wyn Starks. Although she is in a moment of great suffering, Dion overcomes with the song’s inspiring, melodic power and embarks on a tear-jerking performance.

As a result, Wyn Stark’s “Who I Am” has jet-set to the top of charts, including #1 on the iTunes R&B/Soul Chart. Following its initial success in 2022, it has foreseen a 300% increase in streams and uproar of budding new fans. Evidently moved by Dion’s love for the emotionally fuelled ballad, listeners cannot get enough of this tender moment, which showcases the healing powers music can convey.

Listen to “Who I Am”:

For Wyn, the success comes as a wonderful surprise. Listing Dion as one of his all-time favourite artists and influences, he labels the rendition “a moment he’ll never forget”. In addition to the single’s fresh fame, his 2022 album “Black Is Gold” flew to #8 on the iTunes R&B/Soul Chart, giving his celebrated discography a sparkling new set of ears.

Having originally shot to fame on America’s Got Talent, the artist has gone on to support the likes of Delta Rae and impress fans with each towering release. In the recent single “Run”, the artist urges listeners to never give up on their dreams – which has certainly worked in his favour. As the upcoming release of the pop-rock artist’s sophomore album closes in, for now, the empowering “Who I Am” continues to uplift as the “I Am: Celine Dion” documentary steals the hearts of many.