Nathan Morris New Single “Villain”

A playful bit of 80s midi funk pops within Nathan Morris’ “Villain.” From the vocal treatment to the chunky synthesizer stabs, there’s a glorious wash of color. The arrangement has a classic cadence with nods to Michael Jackson’s “Bad” as the work has a similar cinematic scope. Lyricism has this sense of evil defiance as if nothing is holding it back. Rhythms go for this heavy groove that never lets up. Melodies feel gorgeous, for they effortlessly pair alongside the infectious hooks that draw the listener into this lair of sin.

The song wastes no time diving headfirst into the thick of things. Volume is a given as this is a wall of sound. He lets the word choice lead the way, perfectly giving it a nice, thoughtful touch and allowing every element to sparkle. A retro-futuristic quality appears, and, besides the previously mentioned Michael Jackson, there’s a distinct fondness for some of the grandeur of the Weeknd in how he lets it all evolve in this steady, somewhat devilish way. With each reiteration of the theme, the song becomes larger and larger until it transforms into a virtual sea of sound. By the time it reaches the final moments, he looks back on all that came before and crafts this radiant, lovely sort of world distinctively his.

Nathan Morris shows off the flamboyant side of pop’s most perfect moments with “Villain” as he embraces a world that feels undeniably timeless.