Denise Marsa Presents “Don’t Count Yourself Out Yet (Until Dawn Remix)”

When it comes to tenacity and stick-to-it-tivness, Denise Marsa has few equals. Over her many decades long career, she has always remained strong, and never “counted herself out”. In the 70’s, Marsa moved to New York City to pursue her music career and then quickly made her mark with the pop duet “Lucky Stars” with Dean Friedman and as the lead vocalist on The Flirts’ mid-80s dance track “Helpless (You Took My Love),” both of which topped charts in their respective regions with the latter making it onto the Billboard International Dance Top Twenty Charts. Denise then shifted her focus to songwriting, securing deals with Warner Bros UK and Warner Chappell US, which took her to London and Los Angeles. The self-taught keyboardist, singer-songwriter, and producer, celebrated for her inventive fusion of alt-indie pop, is a composer who transcends boundaries and labels.

She founded her record label, KeyMedia Group, to release her music and later expanded it to include KeyMedia Public Relations. She began mentoring young artists and releasing their music. In recent years, however, she has shifted her focus back to her own creative work, recently releasing her album PIVOTAL. The first single from the album ‘Kiss Me in the Rain (Until Dawn Remix)’ landed on the UK’s Music Week Top Ten Commercial Dance Charts the week of May 30, peaking at #6. With this shift in her focus and her new album ‘PIVOTAL’ her cult status within the indie community is sliding into the mainstream.

Denise Marsa’s latest song, “Don’t Count Yourself Out Yet,” delivers a compelling message of perseverance and resilience. It underscores the significance of staying dedicated to your dreams and goals, regardless of your stage in life or age. The song highlights that some dreams require more time to come to fruition and some goals need time to develop. Through this inspiring and fierce track, Marsa motivates listeners with her explosive vocals while urging them to stay true to themselves and continue pursuing their aspirations.

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