Single Review: Luanne Hunt “If You See Peace”

Luanne Hunt’s latest single, “If You See Peace,” marks yet another remarkable chapter in her illustrious career, demonstrating her knack for creating deeply resonant and emotionally powerful music. Fresh from her success with “The Vice,” this track carries forward her legacy of meaningful and heartfelt songwriting.

The song itself is a masterclass in lyrical poignancy, blending traditional country sounds with a contemporary message of hope and unity. Hunt’s vocals shine with a sincere, almost wistful quality, perfectly suited to the song’s themes of longing for peace and love in a tumultuous world. The delicate acoustic arrangements provide a fitting backdrop, enhancing the emotional weight of the lyrics without overpowering them.

Clare E. Steffen’s commendation of the song at both the Round the Globe Film and Music Festival and the Global Film and Music Festival, USA, underscores its universal appeal. Steffen’s remarks highlight the song’s touching tribute to ideals we cherish and hope to preserve for future generations, a sentiment that resonates profoundly in today’s socio-political climate.

The song’s origins in Hunt’s 2017 theatrical production, “Let Us Look for Love,” celebrating John Denver, add an extra layer of depth and nostalgia. Denver’s influence is palpable in the song’s gentle optimism and its call for a better world, mirroring his own artistic legacy. Hunt’s insight into how Denver would react to today’s world troubles and her vision of him joining the musical fight for peace further enriches the song’s narrative, bridging past and present.

**Verse 1:**
“If you see peace, let me know
Cause peace it left us so long ago
My heart cries for it all
In our hour of need
I feel so helpless and so small
In a sea of iniquity”

These opening lines set a reflective tone, capturing a deep sense of loss and yearning. Hunt’s poignant delivery draws the listener into a shared sense of helplessness, yet there is an undercurrent of hope in the quest for peace.

“Please we can’t take it anymore
The battle rages, and what for
Please let’s find a way to get along
And forget about who’s right and who is wrong”

The chorus is an earnest plea for reconciliation, urging listeners to transcend their differences and seek common ground. It’s a powerful reminder of the futility of conflict and the necessity of unity.

**Verse 2:**
“If you see love, say hello
Cause love, we cannot, let it go
Pray for those who fear
And no longer trust
Their hope seems to be gone
Their dreams have turned to dust”

The second verse continues the theme of searching for lost virtues, with Hunt’s vocals imbued with a gentle insistence that love and trust are essential for healing a fractured world.

“If You See Peace” stands out on Hunt’s 24th studio album, “Miles & Memories,” not just for its lyrical depth but for its overall sonic composition. The album itself is a testament to Hunt’s enduring talent and versatility, blending traditional and modern country elements seamlessly.

For those looking to explore Luanne Hunt’s music further, “If You See Peace” serves as a profound entry point, encapsulating her ability to touch hearts and minds through song. To experience the full emotional impact of “If You See Peace,” you can listen to it at