Qymira’s ‘Wait For No One’: An Anthem of Empowerment and Dancefloor Magic

Qymira’s ‘Wait For No One’: An Anthem of Empowerment and Dancefloor Magic

‘Wait For No One’ is the latest addition to Qymira’s illusive pop discography, which combines an ambitious latin flair with evocative melodies and leading messages of empowerment. In the alluring new single, the charismatic singer shines with star quality – all in the name of female empowerment.

Intertwining the distant chimes of classic latin piano chords with a pulsating rhythm, this is yet another hit from the singer-songwriter that will get you on the dancefloor. Highlighted by modern production, the track recalls the infectious energy of previous hits such as the No.5 UK Dance Chart smash ‘Give It To Me’ (featuring Kris Lawrence and Duendy Primeiro) with a unique lyrical twist. 

Advocating for women to stay single instead of dealing with unreliable romantic partners, this tempting toe-tapper transforms into an anthem enriched with a poignant message and encouraging spirit. Qymira colours its meaning with an audacious tone, which is expressed through her melodic passion and diverse vocal ability. 

Alongside her meteoric rise to stardom, Qymira devotes her time to helping children in need all over the world. Since establishing One Gaia Foundation three years ago, the artist inspires children through music, dance, arts, and sports, currently commencing ten projects across multiple countries and planning further expansion into India and Africa.

Listen to ‘Wait For No One’ now, and keep your eyes peeled for what she has next in store.