Craymo Presents “One Love One World (We Are One)”

Growing up in The Sunshine State when new wave music was all the rage, Craymo was immersed in sonic vibrations that were unique, electrifying and all consuming. Between learning instruments; singing in choirs and then DJing in college, Craymo was ensconced in all things music and found the opportunity to write music that was in the style of his favorite musical trailblazers, all while creating something of his own. He always puts himself in an environment where any event or moment can translate into a lyrical reflection of an uplifting human experience.

Written back in 1993 when he was experiencing challenging, troubled times, Craymo was listening to the news and only heard of war, famine, and despair. That was his wake-up call to write the song of the summer, “One Love One World (We Are One)”, a wonderfully crafted anthem that gives voice to the voiceless in a world torn asunder. It inspires others to strive for a life of equality, unity, empathy and compassion. With this message, Craymo takes an uplifting approach with his voice and grooves, urging the human family to celebrate each other rather than sewing divisions. Despite moments of negativity, it’s important to focus on the positivity and harmony the human race experiences and to share that warm light to everyone’s lives.

In a room where a diverse group of people all wear white in unity, they are brought together by holding onto a silky, red ribbon, symbolizing the beating heart that we all share. Holding up signs and writing on the walls reading “equal” and “same as you,” this group finds comfort in their handprints that each has their own print, but each does the same thing. Intertwined are videos that highlight the beauty of human life, while the facial expressions of everyone show that it is their ideal life to live. It’s a message humanity is longing for, and one Craymo hopes you share.

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