Country Cover of Van Morrison Classic: Cliff & Susan “Into the Mystic” (out July 5th!)

Cliff & Susan’s rendition of Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic” is a heartfelt homage that blends the soulful mystique of the original with their own country sensibilities. The duo, recording at the storied FAME Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, have managed to capture the timeless essence of Morrison’s classic while adding a fresh, vibrant twist that makes the song feel both familiar and novel.

Performance and Production

Cliff’s commanding vocals lead the charge, bringing a powerful yet tender dynamic to the song. His guitar work is both intricate and emotive, providing a solid foundation that pays tribute to Morrison’s original while showcasing Cliff’s unique style. Susan’s harmonizing background vocals complement Cliff’s lead, adding layers of warmth and depth. Her performance on the Wurlitzer injects a distinctive country flavor that melds beautifully with the soulful roots of the track.

The production, spearheaded by Spencer Coats, is impeccable. The inclusion of accomplished musicians like Clayton Ivey on organ, Andy Dixon on bass, Scott Todd on guitar, and Justin Holder on drums, ensures a rich, full sound that does justice to both the original and the duo’s reinterpretation. The engineering at FAME, a studio renowned for its legacy in the music industry, adds an additional layer of authenticity and quality to the recording.

Interpretation and Style

Cliff & Susan’s version of “Into the Mystic” maintains the song’s ethereal and introspective qualities, while infusing it with their characteristic energy and emotional depth. The country elements are subtle yet effective, allowing the song to breathe and evolve without losing its original charm. This careful balance showcases the duo’s respect for the source material and their desire to create something uniquely their own.

Reception and Impact

Given the duo’s strong live performances and their ability to connect deeply with audiences, it’s no surprise that their cover of “Into the Mystic” has been eagerly anticipated. Fans familiar with their live shows know the special connection they have with this song, and the recorded version is likely to resonate deeply with both longtime followers and new listeners. The choice to cover such a beloved classic speaks to their confidence and artistry, and the result is a rendition that is sure to earn them both critical acclaim and fan adoration.


Cliff & Susan’s cover of “Into the Mystic” is a testament to their musical prowess and their ability to reinterpret classic songs with fresh perspective and heartfelt emotion. By recording at FAME Studios and collaborating with top-tier musicians, they have created a version of the song that honors Van Morrison’s original while standing out as a unique and memorable rendition in its own right. This release not only highlights their talent but also cements their place as rising stars in the country music scene. Be sure to check it out on all major streaming platforms starting July 5, 2024.