The Woolfman Strikes a Chord with the Heartfelt ‘MY WOUNDED HEART’

The Woolfman, the award-winning multi-instrumentalist, writer, producer, and visual artist, has a knack for capturing the essence of human emotion through his music. His latest release, ‘MY WOUNDED HEART (Piano Version)’, set to drop on May 31st, is no exception. This intimate ballad, stripped down to its core chords and highlighted by the passionate vocals of Italian jazz singer FC, known for her collaborations with Yusuf Islam and Trio Manouche, delves into the resilience of love long after a relationship has ended.

The origins of this poignant track are as heartfelt as the music itself. The Woolfman was inspired during a gig where the echoes of the classic Spanish lament ‘Quizas Quizas Quizas’ played. This moment of musical serendipity led him to pen the original Spanish lyrics for ‘MY WOUNDED HEART’, infusing the song with an authenticity and depth that only true inspiration can spark.

Released on April 12th through W Records, the original version of ‘MY WOUNDED HEART’ has already made a significant impact. Endorsed by DJ legends such as David Guetta, the track peaked at #10 on The Music Week Pop Chart and earned accolades at two film festivals, including Best International Music Video at the Indie Vegas Film Festival and the 1st Monthly Film Festival.

With multiple Top 5 positions in the Music Week Club and Pop Charts and numerous accolades for his previous audiovisual works, The Woolfman’s next project is highly anticipated. In the mesmerizing ‘MY WOUNDED HEART (Piano Version)’, The Woolfman and FC weave a tapestry of raw emotion, speaking to the wounded heart in all of us. This release is a must-listen for anyone who has ever felt the enduring pain and strength of love.