Auto How To Choose the Right Race Wheels for Your Vehicle

Auto How To Choose the Right Race Wheels for Your Vehicle

Are you a driving enthusiast who enjoys running a few, or many, laps on a racetrack? You may have a specific track-ready vehicle, a street vehicle with some modifications or a street vehicle with no modifications, depending on the track and club. However, one of the most important modifications you should have if you plan to race is drag racing wheels. This is how to choose the right options for you.

Understand Your Needs

Before you start searching for Ford Mustang parts or those specific to your vehicle, you should understand exactly what you need. You will need to base some of these decisions on the requirements of your track, but others, such as the type of racing slicks or wheels you need, should depend on your specific vehicle, what you plan to do with it and how you want it to perform.

Therefore, inspect your wheels, consider how often you plan to use them and the amount of time you plan to use them each time you visit the track. You will also need to learn your track-specific wheel inspection procedures and requirements. Your tires need to handle heat well and flex properly to grip the track. You may also consider how often you mount and unmount your wheels.

You should also consider your driving style and desired rim size. Choose options that fit your needs and still fall within your budget.

Choose Your Rims

Your rims provide structure for your racing slicks. Consider your rim size. You need rims that provide significant grip and traction on the road. However, they should also allow your wheels to immediately respond to your brakes. Your optimal rim size will ultimately accommodate how you drive, meet your driving goals and give you a good experience. They should help you meet your racing goals.

If you have modified a street vehicle for racing, you likely changed its brake and suspension systems. This can become dangerous if you have the wrong rims because they will not allow proper braking and brake clearance. Therefore, contact the wheel company as you measure for your rims. You need the exact right size.

Your rims also need SFI certifications because these standards are much more stringent. They require rims strong enough to race or drive on for long distances. You will abuse your rims, and you need to know that they can handle it.

Material Matters

The material makeup of your rims and slicks matters. While aluminum wheels are strong and lightweight, they do not have the strength of steel wheels. Magnesium rims are flammable, and when you drive at high speeds, this can become dangerous. In addition, many tracks ban some of these wheels. Today’s manufacturers often choose magnesium alloy options that incorporate other metals to reduce the danger of their use. Many of today’s rims are carbon fiber due to their strength, which is greater than steel, and their weight, which is lighter than aluminum.

Speak with someone at your track to learn about any banned wheel materials. Then choose those that give you the best performance.

As you complete your research and determine that types of wheels you want, search for Camero car parts or those for your vehicle type to review all your options.