Nirvana’s “About A Girl” – A Tribute from Arianna Tsar

Few songs have captured the raw emotion and angst of the grunge era quite like Nirvana’s “About A Girl.” Released on their landmark 1989 album Bleach, the track showcased Kurt Cobain’s songwriting brilliance – crafting a melancholic yet catchy ode to unrequited love amidst the band’s gritty, distortion-heavy sound.

Now, rising Toronto-based artist Arianna Tsar is putting her own spin on this iconic tune. Set to release on July 19, 2024, her cover of “About A Girl” is a poignant tribute to Nirvana and the late, great Kurt Cobain.

At just 13 years old, Arianna Tsar is already making waves in the music scene. First discovered on the streaming platform in February 2021 with her track “Making Our Dreams Come True (181 Remix),” the young songstress has racked up over 300,000 Spotify streams. She followed that up with last year’s “Electrify Tdot,” which has amassed an impressive 376,000 plays.

Backed by her family’s record label, Tsar Entertainment & Media, Arianna Tsar has honed her skills under the tutelage of industry veterans. Her natural talent for songwriting and performance has only grown, as evidenced by the slick, lounge-y vibe she’s bringing to “About A Girl.” Arianna Tsar‘s urban-tinged vocals and lush instrumentation put a fresh spin on Nirvana’s grunge classic, showcasing her ability to seamlessly blend genres.

Despite her young age, Arianna Tsar has already experienced the thrill of live performances. She’s graced stages across Toronto, captivating audiences with her powerful stage presence and emotive delivery. And with the release of “About A Girl,” she is poised to take her artistry to new heights, paying tribute to one of the most influential bands of the alternative rock era.

So what is it about “About A Girl” that resonates so deeply with Arianna Tsar? In Cobain’s own words, the song is “basically about a girl that I was basically in love with...” The lyrics paint a poignant portrait of longing and vulnerability, as Cobain laments, “I need an easy friend / I do, with an ear to lend / I do think you fit this shoe / I do, but you have a clue.”

Arianna Tsar‘s lounge-inspired interpretation adds a contemplative, almost melancholic quality to the track. Gone are the fuzzed-out guitars and thunderous drums – in their place, a lush, atmospheric soundscape that allows Arianna Tsar‘s emotive vocals to take center stage. It’s a bold yet reverent reimagining that showcases her artistry and her deep admiration for Nirvana’s musical legacy.

So mark your calendars, music fans – on July 19, 2024, Arianna Tsar‘s cover of “About A Girl” is set to be your new go-to Nirvana fix. In the meantime, be sure to pre-save the track using the link below. With her natural talent, industry backing, and passion for honest, heartfelt music, Arianna Tsar is poised to become one of the next big names in the scene. Don’t sleep on this rising talent.

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