Is It Possible to Have Two Amazon Accounts?

There are numerous reasons for having multiple accounts on Amazon, such as the desire to test different approaches and sales strategies or the need to separate personal and commercial accounts. In any case, thanks to OctoBrowser, creating multiple accounts on the marketplace and managing them is easier than ever.

Amazon’s Policy on Multiple Accounts

Amazon generally does not favor having multiple accounts by one user. If it detects the accounts are different but the IP address, payment details, or contact information are the same, the platform easily links these profiles. If the platform restricts one of them, the same sanctions apply to the other connected accounts. Thus, managing multiple accounts can be challenging.

How Can OctoBrowser Help?

OctoBrowser was initially created as a solution for secure and confidential web surfing, performing marketing tasks, collecting data, accessing regionally blocked resources, and more. The browser technology combines the advantages of a remote server, VPN, and proxy, which are the tools that help maintain online anonymity and obscure digital footprints. If you want to know how to use this solution correctly, review the article here: .You will find even more helpful tips on working with different Amazon accounts safely and without the risk of access restrictions.

Using OctoBrowser

To use OctoBrowser, you need to register on the official website, download the program, and install it on any device. The software is cross-platform and compatible with any OS. By using this solution, you can:

  • Conduct independent market research;
  • Test different strategies, listings, and types of products;
  • Manage multiple brands from one device;
  • Avoid limits;
  • Create clear and transparent reports and more.

Thus, using OctoBrowser to manage two or more accounts on the Amazon Marketplace proves to be the simplest and safest solution. Technically, this program allows you to comply with the platform’s rules while helping you manage your accounts in the most convenient and profitable way.