Single Review: Miss Freddye “Slippin’ Away”

Miss Freddye, often hailed as Pittsburgh’s “Lady of the Blues,” has delivered a soul-baring masterpiece with her new single, “Slippin’ Away.” The track, set for release on June 14, 2024, is a poignant exploration of love’s fragile nature and the inevitable sorrow of watching it fade. This blues ballad, originally penned by the late Mike Lyzenga, finds new life in Miss Freddye’s expressive and powerful vocals, making it a standout addition to her illustrious career.

**Production and Musicality**

Recorded at Red Caiman Media in Pittsburgh’s North Hills, “Slippin’ Away” benefits from the intimate and richly textured production that has become synonymous with Miss Freddye’s work. The decision to produce the track herself has resulted in a deeply personal sound that complements the song’s emotional gravity. The instrumentation is a perfect backdrop for the narrative of loss and longing that Lyzenga’s lyrics convey, with each musician adding their touch of sorrow and depth.

Mike Huston’s guitar work is both haunting and tender, weaving a delicate balance between melancholy and hope. Jeff Conner’s keys add a layer of somber beauty, while Greg Sejko’s bass lines and Bob Dicola’s drums provide a steady, heartfelt rhythm that anchors the track. Together, they create a soundscape that is as poignant as it is immersive, enveloping the listener in the raw emotion of the piece.

**Vocal Performance and Interpretation**

Miss Freddye’s rendition of “Slippin’ Away” is a masterclass in vocal interpretation. Her voice, a powerful instrument in itself, conveys a deep sense of vulnerability and strength. She navigates the song’s emotional terrain with an effortless grace, drawing the listener into the heartache and resignation that define the lyrics. The repetition of the line, “Do you feel our love… slippin’ away,” becomes a mantra of sorrow, each iteration more laden with pain and inevitability.

Her ability to imbue each word with genuine feeling is a testament to her mastery of the blues genre. The emotional authenticity of her performance ensures that listeners not only hear the story but feel every ounce of its sorrow and longing. This connection is further enhanced by the intimate quality of the recording, which captures every nuance of her delivery.

**Lyrical Content**

Lyzenga’s lyrics are a poignant reflection on the dissolution of love, capturing the essence of a relationship slipping away with stark, evocative imagery. Lines like, “It’s just an illusion, we’ve seen before? / Yeah, it’s a nightmare comin’ back for more?” resonate with a universal sense of disillusionment and sorrow. The narrative of shared dreams going up in flames and the heartbreak of unrequited love is beautifully crafted, making the listener ponder their experiences with love and loss.

The song’s lyrical structure, with its recurring refrain and plaintive questions, mirrors the cyclical nature of grief, where each moment of realization brings a new wave of pain. Miss Freddye’s interpretation of these words brings them to life, making them more than just a story but a lived experience that she shares with her audience.

**Context and Legacy**

“Slippin’ Away” is not just a new release; it is a significant addition to Miss Freddye’s body of work. It reflects her continued commitment to the blues and her ability to adapt and bring fresh life to the genre. Her influences, from Koko Taylor to Etta James, are evident in her performance, but she also brings her unique voice and perspective, making the song distinctly her own.

Miss Freddye’s legacy as a blues artist is further cemented by her dedication to using her music for charitable causes and her unwavering authenticity. She continues to inspire and connect with audiences through her passion and the deeply personal nature of her work.


In “Slippin’ Away,” Miss Freddye has crafted a single that is as powerful as it is heartbreaking. Her ability to convey deep emotion through her music is unparalleled, and this track stands as a testament to her enduring talent and dedication to the blues. For both long-time fans and new listeners, “Slippin’ Away” is a must-listen that promises to leave a lasting impression.

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