Roy Pitluk Presents “Put A Tiger In My Tank”

There are plenty of beautiful things in this world, and Roy Pitluk’s shining personality acts as the leading light for the life that we all live. Always aware and thankful of the things and people around him that shape who he is, Pitluk of Palm Springs has been able to take the meaning of his life and translate it into song. He’s taken inspiration from the most moving poets to incredible pieces of cinema to his own figures that have brought happiness to his life. Pitluk can deconstruct the mysteries of life around him and explore how to find a connection between all the different kinds of people who compose the human family, all with his guitar in hand. In his newest song “Put a Tiger in My Tank,” Pitluk sings about these connections coming down to just two people: a couple in love and working together to make each other’s’ life have a purpose.

Pitluk took a turn with his music tone by creating a fun piece that turns away from the mainstream sounds one may hear on the radio. “Put a Tiger in My Tank” acts as a musical version of the lines a poet would write for artistic expression, with guitar ripping through this acoustic piece played by Pitluk himself. Pitluk’s voice stretches through each word and proclaims that he is on a search and longs for a connection with someone else. He describes the relationship that could manifest with someone else, especially if they were both on the same page.

Pitluk is enclosed in a motel room, picturing visions of all the aspects of life that are impacting him on this search for someone to be with him. He is willing to look anywhere to find a connection; from parties to searching the internet, he is on a constant search for someone who would be willing to join his side. Most notably, a tiger found in a bank safe, symbolizes the bliss that securing that connection would feel like.

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