Osmunda Music’s “Be Welcome”: A Melodic Embrace of Inclusivity and Peace

In an era where music often serves as both a refuge and a rallying cry, Osmunda Music’s latest single, “Be Welcome,” stands out as a luminous beacon of inclusivity and acceptance. Helmed by the visionary artist Rebecca Trujillo Vest, this captivating anthem not only sets the stage for the upcoming album “Heartful of Peace,” but also serves as a powerful call to embrace diversity and foster well-being.
Rebecca Trujillo Vest’s journey from Santa Fe, NM, to becoming a prolific music creator, producer, and community activist is woven into the very fabric of “Be Welcome.” Her eclectic blend of world music, new age, pop, folk, rock, Americana, and children’s music culminates in a sound that is both compassionate and graceful. This single offers a soothing and positive atmosphere, making it an ideal addition to schools, community centers, preschools, and childcare settings.

The track is more than just a song; it’s an invitation. With lyrics and melodies that encourage listeners to find and be their authentic selves, “Be Welcome” underscores the embrace of diversity in all its forms. It’s a sonic hug that reassures and uplifts, a testament to Vest’s ability to channel her diverse experiences and philanthropic spirit into music that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

Joining Vest in this artistic endeavor is Abby Wills, a seasoned expert in integrating healing-centered contemplative practices into educational environments. Wills’s extensive work with high schools and targeted youth, alongside her role as co-founder of Shanti Generation, brings an added layer of depth and purpose to the single and the forthcoming “Heartful of Peace” curriculum.

“Heartful of Peace” is poised to be more than just an album—it’s a movement towards a more connected, mindful, and peaceful world. Vest’s statement that “we hope educators and caregivers feel invited to join this practice, fostering joy, well-being, and community in their classrooms and beyond,” is echoed by Wills’s commitment to developing mindful life skills and social-emotional learning.

The single’s release also marks the debut of the “Heartful of Peace” curriculum, an eight-pod series designed to foster peace and well-being in learning communities. This innovative resource includes energizing and soothing music, optional yoga postures led by instructor Pooja Sharma, discussion prompts to nurture dialogue, and engaging activities to spark creativity and joy.

Moreover, the Pandion Music Foundation (PMF), co-founded by Vest alongside artists Jordan Stobbe and Carls Woolf, underscores Osmunda Music’s unwavering dedication to social causes. PMF’s mission to support creators through free online music industry workshops, wellness programs, and resources aimed at fostering diversity and inclusion, continues to be a beacon of inspiration for artists globally.

“Be Welcome” is not just a song—it’s a heartfelt invitation to a journey of inclusivity, peace, and authenticity. As we await the full release of “Heartful of Peace” on August 23rd, Osmunda Music’s latest offering reminds us of the transformative power of music to unite, heal, and inspire.