Flau’jae Presents “Pop It”

Most college students can barely get through their 8am class; for Flau’Jae, she practically owns the whole school. As a LSU Women’s Basketball team player, Flau’Jae has miraculously built the brand as a star athlete and studio-recording rap artist before graduating with a degree. The legacy she has built for herself shows on the court and the music charts as she lives the life she has always dreamed of. A great example for aspiring musical artists and athletes, Flau’Jae has shot and scored.

For Flau’Jae, her fame and fortune are crystal clear; she has made it big time in women’s basketball and the music industry. “Pop It” is her next big prize as she says being rich comes easy and naturally to her, just as many of her other talents do. Her smooth, clear voice matches her persona as she raps over dance-worthy beats. Now that she has this lifestyle, she won’t dare to let it go but only work harder to get more.

Rotating around what got Flau’Jae to the top, a basketball hoop opens up “Pop It” as the most luxurious gift of them all. Keeping it smooth under the sun and palm trees of a glamorous life, Flau’Jae surrounds herself with the high-priced vehicles she has earned, from Lamborghini and Rolls Royce. She is dressed head to toe in dazzling jewelry, fitting her style in the best way possible. She sits in a grand personal theater and watches her top moves as a basketball star. As she travels through success, dollar bills rain around her as an endless feeling of wealth.

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