Exploring Places to Visit in Singapore

The most visited and popular tourist destination in Asia is Singapore. One can enjoy the summer holidays in Singapore as it has world-class shopping, a variety of cuisines, and beautiful places to visit. December to June is the best time to visit Singapore as it has less rainfall and humidity. And for accommodation, one can book a room in the Shangri La Singapore hotel located near the airport for a comfortable stay. Here are some of the beautiful places to visit in Singapore:

  1. Merlion Park- This park is visited by tourists for relaxing. This park has a mythical statue of a lion’s head pouring water from its mouth and the body is made in the shape of fish. This statue is located at the Marina Bay. Tourists can also explore nearby destinations from the park on cruises. To make a trip a memorable one, all you need is a shiny river and a skyline. Not only this, tourists can enjoy a wonderful water show and lightning which takes place every night in the Merlion park. This night view lights up Marina Bay and makes the place so beautiful. So, while traveling to Singapore this park is the best option for tourists to visit especially at night.
  2. Botanic Gardens- This place has been given the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. This garden is 163 years old but still seems so beautiful and amazing. This garden has more than 10000 different species of flowers and plants. This garden is also the world’s largest tropical orchid garden. Botanic Garden has three lakes- Eco Lake, Symphony Lake, and Swan Lake. This garden also provides you with medicinal plants. There is Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden which has a water park, a small playground, and a maze so that they can’t get bored by just seeing the plants and flowers. This is a beautiful tourist place and one must visit there while traveling to Singapore. 
  3. Zoo and Jungle Safari- The most famous thing about the Singapore Zoo is that the animals are not kept in the cage. They are kept freely in their habitats. They live in spacious and freely landscaped environments. Tourists can see animals such as lions, tigers, kangaroos, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, crocodiles, snakes, penguins, sea lions and many more. This zoo offers tourists a night safari with family and friends where one can enjoy an outdoor feast in the jungle. So, this place is also good for tourists to enjoy.
  4. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple- This temple is located in Chinatown which is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Singapore. This temple’s interior is designed in the shape of mandalas and it shows a spiritual relationship between Buddhist and Hindu. It is a four-story structure. Gold Stupa where the relic is kept is at the top of the temple which is highlighted. Chinatown is also famous for shopping. It has new and old-style shops. There are many restaurants and the most famous is Chinese food. Street hawkers serve a variety of Chinese food there. Therefore, a visit to this place is a must.
  5. Clarke Quay- This place is the heart of Singapore. It has discos, bars, pubs, and the most beautiful waterfront dining. This place has not only attracted the tourists but also the locals. The river gives an amazing view of this place. Tourists can reach here by river taxis and cruises after admiring their whole day seeing historic bridges, landmarks, and other beautiful destinations. Tourists can explore Singapore on cruises and then come to the Clarke Quay for dinner. This place is best for nightlife. Also, this place is known for both historical and recreational activities. 
  6. Sentosa Island- This island is the tourists’ most leisure attraction. It has many activities. Leisure activities such as beaches, rainforests, spa resorts, and some sports activities such as golf clubs, cycling paths for cycling, and much more can be enjoyed by them. One more thing is the Santosa cable car which is the only one in Singapore. The most visited places on the island are the Butterfly Park and the Insect Kingdom as they are enjoyed by the children. They both have a variety of species in their respective parks and tourists must visit there. For beautiful sights at a height, the Tiger Sky Tower is the best place for tourists. At the top of this tower, one can see beautiful views across Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This island looks very attractive at night due to the water show with lights. By combining both water and laser effects, one can see a beautiful dance of water. Visiting this place may take your whole day. Do visit this place as it has many activities and views there.
  7. Giant Wheel- This Singapore flyer can take tourists to the top of the city from where one can see the whole of Singapore. Not only this on a clear day, one can see the amazing view of the neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia from the top of the wheel. This wheel is at a height of 541 feet and can take over 780 passengers in an air-conditioned capsule. It took thirty minutes in one round. So, to view the amazing view from the top tourists must enjoy this flyer. 
  8. Gardens by the bay- This place must be visited by those tourists who are a great lover of nature. These are man-made nature parks that give an amazing view to tourists. There are some tree-like vertical gardens known as Super tress are known as the landmarks of Singapore. Tourists will get a variety of orchids, flowers, ferns, trees, bushes, etc. By visiting this place, one feels relaxed and fresh as it is filled with greenery. It also works as a green therapy for them. So, tourists must visit this place once.

These are some of the best places one can visit in Singapore. And when looking for options of hotels, tourists can experience the world class stay at Shangri La Singapore. So, plan your holiday and have fun-filled time in Singapore.