‘Strangers’ by BIRTHE

BIRTHE is an emerging music artist captivating her fans with bops that linger long after the song ends. She offers a look into her distinct and alluring musical style with the release of her intriguing new track, ‘Strangers’.

Her music has been compared by music industry media to the distinctive sounds of well-known performers like Becky G, Shakira, and Camila Cabello. ‘Strangers’ is a daring demonstration of BIRTHE’s creative prowess as she continues to forge her own identity in the music industry. She writes moving lyrics to a gorgeous, lively Latin pop production, showcasing her bold approach to music.

The song reflects BIRTHE’s commitment to making music that transcends boundaries and connects with listeners all over the world with its boundary-pushing essence and reflective lyricism.

BIRTHE transcends genre boundaries, crafting a musical journey that is both refreshing and magnetic. ‘Strangers’ is a slice of something you won’t easily forget anytime soon.