Alias Wayne Stands Tall in the “Name of Love”

Alias Wayne is a talented singer/songwriter that blends together various musical genres and elements in harmonious fashion. With Texas roots and Americana mixed with shades of pop, rock, blues, jazz and world music, Alias Wayne refuses to be boxed into a specific category. “Name of Love” is a perfect example of Wayne’s eclectic nature as he proves that music transcends conventional boundaries.

Alias Wayne is also known as Ranzel X Kendrick and he explores a wide variety of textures and tones on the new single. As soon as you hit play, a free-flowing, majestic sound surrounds you and instantly pulls you in. “Name of Love” gives off such a comforting presence and welcoming vibe. Overall, a calming sensation rushes over the listener as “Name of Love” plays on. This song will ease your mind and satisfy your soul because it’s all in the key of love.

Alias Wayne is one solid storyteller and a gifted lyricist that certainly brought his A game on this new release. “Name of Love” will capture your imagination and provide you with one enjoyable listening experience. Alias Wayne’s creativity shines through as a composer and arranger on “Name of Love”. Weaving through the song with such style and ease, Alias performs it all in the “Name of Love”. Love is the basis of everything we know and is the dominant theme on this recent single. Without love, there is no foundation and “Name of Love” is built to last with no audible cracks. Music is a universal language and “Name of Love” is universally accepted as a complete composition. Alias Wayne has got heart and soul and he pours everything he has to offer on “Name of Love”.

Be sure to SKOPE out the official music video for “Name of Love” right here:

By Jimmy Rae