ViennaCC Presents “Ended Love Affair”

Heinz Riemer has made a global impact with his musical persona “ViennaCC.” He produces his fun-filled music in Vienna / Austria. ViennaCC’s music transcends borders, captivating listeners on the radio on every continent with his eccentric manner. He already had ten TopTen hits on global indie music charts. Growing up immersed in diverse genres, ViennaCC honed his ability to morph sounds into something extraordinary. But ViennaCC is more than just a songwriter; he’s an experience: with his extravagant outfit and backdrop, ViennaCC is guaranteed to provide a performance that will skyrocket fans to a new planet filled with fun and excitement.

In his latest R&B / Pop song “Ended Love Affair”, ViennaCC delves into the depths of lost love. Through e-piano, layered harmonies, and a heartbreaking saxophone solo, he paints a vivid picture of longing and regret. Each note carries the weight of memories, and as ViennaCC navigates the stages of grief, listeners are drawn into his emotional journey. The haunting melody captures the essence of heartbreak, leaving an indelible mark on anyone who listens.

ViennaCC takes the stage in a dimly lit club where he is accompanied by a small trio of backup singers, e-piano, bass and drums and with ghostly-looking surreal instrumentalist statues. In the audience sits many different types of people silently taking in every word that he sings, listening intently. ViennaCC looks around for his lost woman, but she is nowhere to be found. The audience, a diverse mix of silent observers, hangs on every word he sings. The crimson hues of clothing and curtains reflect the emotions etched on the faces of those seated inside.

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