Most Popular Online Scratch Cards

One of the most popular forms of gambling, Scratch cards, has been a huge part of the gambling world since back in the 1970s. However, with the rise of the online IGaming sphere, scratch cards have made their way online in the form of online scratch cards. With the differences between online and physical scratch cards being limited, we will have a look at some of the most popular online scratch cards and what rules they apply to their games.


Cleoscratcha is one of the most popular titles in the online scratch card world; not only having a witty name, but the theme and max prize also make the game enticing for players. Individual cards start at £3, and the cards offer a whopping potential max prize of £150k.

The layout features two main areas, with the top part having a horizontal row of 4 sun symbols labelled as winning symbols; the next part is a 4×3 grid with ceramic jar symbols which hide the different amounts. The idea of the game is to scratch the coating on the larger grid alongside the winning symbols area; a match of the symbols between the two can lead to a prize. The prize amount is shown directly below. 

One reason why Cleoscratcha has become so popular is through the bonus feature, and the symbols can carry 2x, 5x or 10x multipliers, meaning the values of any winning prizes become multiplied by the multiplier amount. Other features are lighting up symbols and a wink from Cleopatra, both indicate a win; animations such as these show the main differences between online and physical scratch cards. 

Rainbow Scratches

Another highly popular online scratch card game with a completely different theme would be Rainbow Scratches. Using the theme of Irish Luck and Pots of Gold, a huge jackpot of £150k can be found at the end of the rainbow.

This scratch card also costs £3, similar to the previously mentioned Cleoscratcha. This game actually follows the same format as Cleoscratcha, which proves the popularity of this format as two of the most popular games use it. Instead of sun symbols and ceramic jars, they are replaced by Celtic symbols to match the Irish theme. 

The backdrop is engrossed in greenery, with a dark emerald forest filling the whole scratch card background; surrounded by the first leaves and trees sits a pot of gold overflowing with bright golden coins. Outpouring from the pot of gold is a simple bright rainbow which ascends over the top of the scratch card.

Rainbow Scratches also features the same bonus as Cleoscratcha, with the same random multipliers being used here.

Alpine Escape

Part of the ‘Escape’ series comes Alpine Escape. A scratch card with the theme of a skiing getaway through sunny European mountains covered by thick white snow. The trip is portrayed beautifully on this card, and bright colours and imagery are used.

This scratch card comes with a smaller jackpot compared to the ones previously mentioned, with the jackpot sitting at £20k. However, the card itself comes at a price of £0.50, meaning the risk is lower for a lower reward. This game is suited to a more casual betting style due to the smaller risk taken. 

Alpine Escape makes scratch cards even simpler, with all sections not being complicated at all; the first section requires the player to scratch off one symbol; if a snowflake is revealed, then the player wins £1. Section Two requires 3 symbols to match in typical scratch card style with 3 snowflakes needed to net the maximum jackpot of £20,000. 

Tropical Escape

Another game in the ‘Escape’ franchise is Tropical Escape, featuring all the same functions as Alpine Escape, and this game is set on the sunny beaches of the tropical islands in the Caribbean. 

Featuring the same jackpot and same price tag, the ‘Escape’ series is a great slot game.


Showcasing these popular games shows how varied the player base of scratch cards is. Some players prefer to spend a little bit more to try and receive a bigger prize, whilst some others prefer a more casual and somewhat relaxed experience with a lower stake set. 

With all of the games listed being impressive in their own ways, there are plenty of other scratch card models out there to test out, all with their own rules and regulations, so always make sure before purchasing a scratch card that you check all the different rules and ways of winning they may have in place to ensure a sustainable experience.