Karson City Rebels Presents “Runaway Train”

Looking back on the roots of classic rock n’ roll can be fun, but living it in 2024 is even better. Keeping that music genre alive comes naturally to Karson City Rebels, a band with a powerhouse rhythm section, dual lead guitars, keyboard and strong vocals. KCR’s songs all tell visual stories ranging from the patriotic anthem “Freedom Guaranteed” to the fun “Telecaster King of Bakersfield.”

Through his years of being influenced by some of the greatest musicians ever, Gil Karson of Karson City Rebels harnesses the idea of telling it how it is with no hidden meanings. He’s been playing in bands since his teens and couldn’t imagine a life where he wasn’t rocking out. Having fun, jamming, and making people happy is the goal. From the first note to the last, every Karson City Rebels show is a positive energy fest that connects with audiences of all ages.

The heat from a love interest is a feeling that most have experienced. “Runaway Train” is that song. It tells the story of pure animal lust and desire. The pounding bass and drums, the smokin’ guitar solo and powerful lead vocal all come together to drive those emotions right into the listener’s heart. As the song plays out, audiences don’t want the jam to stop, they just want that train to keep on rollin’.

The band performance part of the video was filmed at the legendary Troubadour in Los Angeles. The story part, with the hot couple, was filmed in the bad lands outside of Roswell New Mexico. The video features the band’s live performance inter-cut with two young lovers on an active train track living out the words of the song. The black and white video shows a young woman in a bright cherry red dress, which symbolizes her lover’s lustful fantasy. Images of a speeding train, inter-cut throughout the action, completes and delivers the video with the power it deserves.

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