Bea Maher Presents ‘Can’t Love’

South London based, Bea Maher’s musical journey began as a fusion of the vibrant sounds and eclectic cultures that surrounded her. Influenced by the soulful rhythms pulsing through the city and inspired by the storytelling prowess of legendary artists such as Amy Winehouse, Lianne La Havas and Cleo Sol, Bea found her voice in the heart of funk and soul.

Reflecting on the moment of inspiration that led to ‘Can’t Love’, Bea Maher shares: “Can’t Love” is my heart spilled out in song. Its soulful melody, wrapped in heavenly harmonies, mirrors the complexities of unrequited love, a journey I intimately understand. With every lyric, I lay bare the highs and lows of love’s emotional rollercoaster. This track is my soul poured into music, resonating deeply with the rawness of human emotion.”

With a magnetic presence and an infectious likeability, she commands the spotlight, captivating audiences with her soulful voice and dynamic performances. Whether backed by a full band or armed with nothing more than her guitar, Bea’s live shows are a testament to the power of music. This is a journey you will want to come along for.

“‘Can’t Love’ has a groove that you cannot help but move to. Ethereal harmonies, a disjointed drum beat, a funky bass line and a strong vocal melody combine to create an all-encompassing, thick sound that truly ‘scratches that itch’ and leaves a lasting impression. Not to forget the old-school fade-out coupled with engaging vocal call-and-responses, this track is bound to leave you wanting more.”