Alex Aureo Charms Us With Intimate Debut Single ‘Swear to Defend’

This weekend marks the release of rising star Alex Aureo’s debut single, ‘Swear to Defend’. The song marks the musician’s humble comeback to the music industry with an intimate release. He offers a warm guitar arrangement that perfectly complements the personal piece, highlighting his expressive voice.

Before the single release, Aureo continued to explore his love of music while becoming a tattoo artist. After starting a prosperous tattoo parlour in Italy and doing custom work for stars like Demi Lovato, The Chainsmokers, and Scooter Braun, he was motivated to go back into the music industry. He began creating music again last summer and found solace in singing while tattooing clients. He decided to return to music after experiencing a life-altering Lewis Capaldi performance and going viral on TikTok with his music; His videos gained over 2.6 million followers in a year, while his tattooing reached 400k followers in almost a decade.

This abridged rendition of ‘Swear to Defend’ sets off on a sonically engaging journey that personifies fortitude and resolve. With an emphasis on providing a minimal experience that enhances the feeling and significance conveyed in the words, this song reveals a genuine and unadulterated manifestation of Aureo’s creative ability.

Alex Aureo’s ‘Swear to Defend’ showcases his versatility in navigating diverse discography, leaving a lasting impact on listeners with his innovative musical expressions. Be sure to spin this single.