New Release via Bongo Boy Records, Vol. XXIII by Various Artists

A modern take on the blues is the L&M Project Band’s “Monkey On My Back feat. Ado Bantula.” The song explores the concept of addiction and what makes that world seem so appealing to outsiders. This approach of showcasing why people fall into this lifestyle highlights the good and the bad aspects of what can trap people in this rut.

Hypnotic with its late 90s alt-rock fervor is Lizzy Ura’s “Crashin.” A style reminiscent of Kim Deal’s The Breeders adorns the sound as it has that extra emotional punch. The hooks running through are filtered through an undeniable amount of heartache.

Nimble chords and near-broken beats lend an eerie demeanor to Simonne Draper’s “Eclipse (Jon Kennedy Remix).” Things have a near-defeated quality with the rhythm, yet the chord work remains strident, defiant even. By merging the two, the song explores contrasts.

Lou Mezza holds nothing back on the riotous punk rock energy of “Little Bit of Dreamin.” Bass work hints at funk while the song kicks up a ruckus. Vocals go for a commanding presence as they virtually grab the listener by the throat.

Great harmonica work on “Little Left Behind” displays the undue swagger of The NEW Bardōts. The lyrics have a playful glee, as the song serves as a character study. So much heart comes rolling in, adding to the soulful nature.

Tony Angelo infuses “Foolish” with a tropical flair. A mixture of ancient and modern come together to create a freewheeling flow of sound, with an atmosphere that sizzles with anticipation. Guitar work goes for the elegant, gently gliding around the rest of the arrangement.

“I’m in Love with You, Baby” has Boys’N’Barry delve into a giddy form of the classic love song. The piece feels outright hysterical, with energy bursting out from the seams. Rollicking percussion anchors the song’s boundless optimism.

Underground Treehouse sings a song of devotion with the beautiful “Written In The Stars.” Featuring a late-night reflective attitude, the piece has a gentle, stately grace. Melodies feel weightless while they waft up into the sky.

Profound, heavy-set grooves grace ReLoVe’s “Join as One.” The lyrics are chosen with care for maximum impact. Combining classic pop with a leisurely, big-band feel, there’s an inherent grace to how it unspools.

The psychedelic and glam rock mix gives Queen Lady Elivra a powerful stride in “We Will Kiss All Night.” Surrealist in certain moments, the keyboards glow fondly. Rhythms are muscular, featuring the inherent attraction of two people coming together.

STUDEO goes for a sense of satisfaction on the driving force of “When It’s Over.” Her voice serves as the beating heart from which all else flows. It has such a powerful motivation by ensuring that the song has a gliding, stylish demeanor.

Tony Angelo weaves spaghetti westerns with nimble acoustic guitar work as “Skrt” expands into the infinite. Expansive vistas emerge during the journey, allowing it to feel so gorgeous. Aspects of the sound go even further, taking cues from surf rock’s unpredictable shifts.

Hypersaturated sounds close the album with “Tell the World (feat. Darlene Ordanza).” The L&M Project Band incorporates synthetic sweeps alongside gorgeous chord shifts with this finale. It feels fine as it ends things on a high note.

Featured Artists and Song Titles:
1. Monkey On My Back feat. Ado Bantula – The L&M Project Band 2:31
2. Crashin – Lizzy Ura 4:04
3. Eclipse/Jon Kennedy Remix – Simonne Draper 4:37
4. Little Bit of Dreamin – Lou Mezza 3:21
5. Little Left Behind – The NEW Bardōts 3:38
6. Foolish – Tony Angelo 3:03
7. I’m In Love With You – Boys’N’Barry 2:59
8. Written In the Stars feat. Underground Treehouse – Clark Ford 3:11
9. Join As One – ReLoVe 3:51
10. We Will Kiss All Night – Queen Lady Elivra 3:54
11. When It’s Over – STUDEO 3:10
12. Skrt – Tony Angelo 3:13
13. Tell The World feat. Darlene Ordanza – The L&M Project Band 3:30

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