Architecture, Light, and Music Collide For a Transcendent Art Experience – Meet The Broken Composers

“To preserve your uniqueness and freedom of movement, or to give up individuality and become part of an ordered structure – everyone will decide for themselves”

This description of multimedia duo Broken Composer’s recent installation Solid Revolver perhaps best sums up their mission. Working across several disciplines of audio and visual art, Broken Composers challenge the relationship between artist/audience and the ways we interact.

Their most current work, Solid Revolver, saw them combine architecture, light, costumed, performance, and music into one multimedia performance that places the viewer at the centre of a process that tests perception. Audiences experience Broken Composer’s abstract sounds from the centre of a 20m cylinder full of a rotating cloud of light. Like particles in the magnet trap of a collider, the crowd pulses and moves, making each audience member a particle in their own right – asking them whether they’ll preserve their uniqueness or surrender to the crowd.

In combining different mediums of work, Broken Composers set themselves apart by pushing the boundaries of each form. Like with Solid Revolver, the interdisciplinary duo create works that invite audiences to question the way they interact with art. Audiences everywhere will be able to experience this for themselves when Broken Composers release their music video this week.

Solid Revolver continues the work the duo has been doing since their 2017 formation in the parallel program of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Their early works saw them experiment with field recordings mixing melodies with abstract everyday sounds. The pair would play with these audio ideas while casting themselves as conductor and lead musician. Armed with broken flutes and the random sounds of the world, Broken Composers came into being and their work has continued since.

Today, Broken Composers are making a name for themselves with their unique blend of intricate compositions, DIY music instruments, and live recordings, as well as their spectacular visual components to their live shows, that play with lights’ refractions through prisms. Their experimental brand of audio and visual work invites audiences to try new forms of thinking, separate from whatever norm they have fallen into. Their work does not shy away from the extreme, the negative, and the exploration of grey areas often in tribute from the state they have been displaced from.

The Solid Revolver single is available across all platforms now.

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