Changing lives seems to be a natural gift for Hip-Hop artist Darren Waller, inspired by his great-grandfather to make music. Raised in Atlanta, the Landover, MD native has made his way around, currently residing in Las Vegas. The professional football player is also a student and consumer of all genres, describing his music as authentic. He credits Jay-Z, Ludacris, and Coldplay as some of his biggest musical influences. Since starting in 2015, Darren Waller has achieved several accolades, including multiple placements on the Madden NFL soundtrack and collaborations with prominent artists such as Sy Ari Da Kid and Euroz.


Personal experiences mixed with the desire to inspire, as his great-grandfather did, created a strong internal love for music and the will to create it as well. His main objective is to motivate and provide listeners with the confidence to navigate everyday life and its obstacles, as he has faced and conquered many of his own. He recently announced an upcoming project titled ‘The Ripple Effect’, stating that it draws inspiration from ‘a 12-step related book’ and talks about how ‘every thought, choice, word, and action ripples from our spirit and affects the world around us in a positive or negative way.’ He also mentioned that it contains ‘songs that came about in the work I’ve been doing on myself over the last year.’ Beyond music, Darren Waller also plans to pursue endeavors in traveling and public speaking, as he has been a vocal advocate of mental health and support with substance abuse. A man on a mission.

“This song sounds like I’m getting my heart broken, but I really wrote it from the perspective of women that have tried to love me. I’ve struggled with intimacy in romantic relationships my whole life, and I recognize the toll it has taken on the lovers I’ve been close to. Essentially, I’m telling myself, from the damage I’ve done, that it’s imperative for me to heal the wounds in my life I’ve left avoiding by seeking relationships.” – Darren Waller